Hi from Nicole from Austria (not Australia 😀 )

I’m Nicole (47yrs) from Austria and an absolute beginner on the guitar. I’ve never played until recently, although learning to play the guitar was on my bucketlist for ages. But I don’t know why, the motivation has never been high enough to do it. But then, it was the 25th March, I visited the Dire Straits Experience-Concert taking place in Vienna and was sooo excited by the great performance that I signed up for an online-course the very next day – although I didn’t have any guitar at that moment :sweat_smile:.

Fortunately, I could borrow one from my son in law, and started my guitar adventure three days later. And what can I say: I loved it right from the beginning. Not so much this particular course, but playing the guitar. For me as an absolute newbie, there was too much new stuff to learn in short time. In every (weekly) lesson we learned new chords, new strumming and/or finger picking patterns, and a new song with lyrics. This was definitely a bit too much for me. I tried to cope with it, but by the end of each week, my practice results were still far from perfect, and I a bit frustrated :confused:.

By accident, I found a recommendation for Justin’s website online. So I gave it a shot, and it was exactly what I was looking for. Slowly, but steadily, I can now walk forward on my learning path. I can sing, if I want, but don’t have to (I’m a rather awful singer). But I definitely have to work on my singing skills, too, as my primarily motivation for learning to play the guitar was, to be able to play and sing along at the log fire :smile:.

Right now I’m working on module 6, and besides struggeling with chord changes (particularly, changing to Am at the moment), rhythm and singing, I’m absolutely overwhelmed by the mere quantity of great songs I’m now (theoretically) able to play. So, it’s really quite hard for me to focus on just a few songs at a time. I want to play them ALL :heart_eyes:.

My whole life long, I’ve been loving songs from The Dire Straits and Bruce Springsteen (as my parents, in their younger years, were big fans and listened to their music quite frequently when I was a child.). So, it’s no question to me that I want to play some of their songs as well. While most Dire Straits-songs are out of my reach, Bruce Springsteen appears to be manageable. But besides that, I feel a bit lost. The choice is simply too large. Do some of you have the same problem? How do you deal with it?

While asking that, I also want to admit, that the JG Community is absolutely great. I’m not a very active member, yet (due to lack of time), but already now, it feels a bit like extended family :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Particularly, when I joined the latest Open Mic, I really felt to be ‘in the right place’. I’ll try to give an update of my guitar journey from time to time. Maybe, I even manage to start a Learning Log. I’m quite certain that it would help me to stay on track and get some helpful advice from the community, too.

I’m so glad to be here :smiling_face:.


Hello Nicole and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Yes, I have this problem and I have to use self-restraint one the songs I pick. You will find though that some of the songs you love, you’ll not love playing them. Sometimes playing them by yourself on an acoustic, or even electric just doesn’t do the song that you love, justice. I’d say, for now, pick your top 5 and have a crack at those.

Also, have a watch of this.


Hey Nicole, welcome to the community from someone in Australia (not Austria)

Like you, I dreamed of playing for many years before I finally got serious at the age of 53 and my goal was to play songs around a camp fire. 10 years later I can heartily say the effort is well and truly worth it having played around countless camp fires. Get into the singing as well, when I started I didn’t expect to sing, it happened quite by accident for me and over the years I’m amazed at how much my voice has improved, it’s a muscle that needs exercise to be at it’s best.

Yes, it’s hard to narrow down the songs to focus on and learn when there are so many great ones out there. When I’m with other players or just hear a song on the radio or whatever, so often I write down the name and then later either google the chords or whether there’s a lesson. Many of my fav songs I found quite by chance. Now I keep at least one really hard one on the go at all times (my current hard one is Older Chests by Damien Rice) and several easier ones (currently it’s Fellas get out the way - Scott Cook and Fortunate Son by Credence).

Great to hear from you and look forward to more contributions from you.

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Hi Nicole,
I was shocked at first, AGAIN an aussie :flushed:…but luckily, you’re from a not so far country :sweat_smile: and one I loved driving through, and stopped to take a break :sunglasses:
I wish you lots of fun and a long guitar journey…and don’t be too surprised if you can play along with quite a lot of Dire Straits songs sooner than expected…I promise you a few are really not that difficult to sound quick oke to play :grinning:

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Thanks for sharing your story and welcome to the Community you already feel at home at :wink:

Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler must be 20% of what is responsible for me starting with guitar eventually so I totally get that :smiley:

I was in Austria (Achensee) a couple of weeks ago, third time already; we love the mountains in summer :smiley:

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Hey Nicole, welcome to the community. Though most songs seem out of reach Justin kindly provide simplified versions in his song lessons for Grade 1+ guitar players like Walk of Life which you can go back to as your skills grow and develop the song further.

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Hi Nicole, welcome to the community. I’m from Germany, I live very close to the Austrian border. Like you, I love Dire Straits, I listened to their music for decades and they were a reason to start playing guitar for me too. Definitely some music I would take with me, if I had to choose some music for beeing at a desert island. I’m currently on moduel 11, so far, far away from Knopfler yet. Doesn’t matter, it’s fun anyway.

Same for me. I concentrate mainly on songs Justin recommends, but I’m trying out others I love, too. Sometimes a song I really love isn’t nice to play and on the other side, I discovered songs I didn’t even know, and really like to play them. It’s a process, so stay open to anything that crosses your way :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dear Stefan,
thank’s a lot for your prompt reply, and good to hear, that I’m not the only one with the “which-song-to-choose-problem” :smile: . I’ve already written down my campfire, developer and dreamer songlist. While the first category is still empty, the second one is quite well filled, and the last one seems to be endless :rofl:.
And yes, you’re certainly right, that not every song I love listening to, is automatically a song I like playing :grinning:.

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Dear Tony,
I thank you for your warm welcome, and our homecountries names are a good example for the ‘read carefully-advice’ :sweat_smile:. In Austria, we often tell strangers, that the diffrence between Austria and Australia is, that we don’t have got any kangaroos :upside_down_face: :sweat_smile:.

So good to hear, that your goal at the beginning was also to play around a camp fire, and now you’re even singing as well. I try to sing from time to time, and I think it really helps to think of a muscle that simply needs to be trained - as you said.

Since I’ve found Justin’s website, I discovered so many wonderful songs, I haven’t known before. It’s really amazing. Just right now, from your reply, I’ve found the next one - Older Chests. Never heard it before, but simply wonderful :heart_eyes:. Thank’s for mentioning it and all the best for learning to play it. It’s absolutely worth the effort.

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@roger_holland Hi Roger,
Thanks for welcoming me to the community, and yes - Austria/Australia - the name’s similarity can be quite confusing :wink:.

Yeah, that’s what I do hope. ‘Walk of Life’ is one I’m already trying. For ‘Telegraph Road’, I think I’ll have to practice a bit more :sweat_smile:.

@LievenDV Hello Lieven, good to see another Dire Straits fan in the community :blush:. And, as it seems, a fan of my country as well :grinning:.

@Socio Hey James, yeah, Walk of Life is already ‘work in progress’ :star_struck:. I’m so happy, that at least this one Dire Straits song appears to be achievable.

@Helen0609 Hi Andrea,

There seem to be quite a lot of Dire Straits fans here :smiley:.

Definitely, once started, there is no end in sight (and that’s a good thing :smiling_face:).
Thanks for welcoming me and “liebe Grüße ins Nachbarland” :smiley:.


Hi Nicole
Welcome to the community, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Love Austria. I’ve spent many a good week skiing in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal valley. Gorgeous scenery and the hospitality of Austrians is superb.

Have fun

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@BurnsRhythm Hi David,
and I love Great Britain. I’ve been to Scotland, Wales and England many times. I even spent a whole year in Nottingham for studying. It was such a good time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
Thanks for welcoming me :hugs:.

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Welcome Nicole, from yet another Australian.

I know Austria is a long way off geographically, but we always show up next to each other in the Country drop-down list, so I say that makes us neighbours.

All the best for your guitar journey.

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Dear Brendan,
that’s a wonderful point of view.
In this sense, let me say ‘hello neighbour’ :hugs:.

Welcome to the Community, Nicole. Delighted to hear you feel part of the family.

You’ll be glad to know that Justin has a couple of Dire Straits and Springsteen songs that you will soon be able to play, albeit in a simplified fashion. Check out the Song Lessons page on the website and search for the band names. You’ll see the songs that are suitable.

Many of us find value in keeping track of progress and sharing updates with the Community. The place to do it is in #community-hub:learning-logs area.

Have fun, slow and steady!

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@DavidP Hi David, yes, really nice to be here :hugs:. And I’m happy, that Justin has already made some helpful songvideos of my favourite musicians :smiley:.
I’m already working on some of them.

When I feel ready, I’ll post a video :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Hallo Nicole, herzlich willkommen… :wink:
You found the best guitar learning and practise course there is imho.
Allready on module 6…wow, that is quite an achievement so soon.
Enjoy and have fun.

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@brocantio Hallo Rich :hugs:!
Definitely, it’s a great place to start and continue the guitar journey. I’m happy to be here :grinning:.
Module 6 is fine, yes - I really try to give myself enough time before climbing on to the next step on my ladder. Although, it’s not always easy not to rush through. But I do my best :wink:.

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Hi Nicole,

Welcome to the community. We are the exact same age. If I can do this you certainly can. I have been to Austria in the mid 1990s researching my family heritage. My great grandfather was a general in the Austrian army during WWI. I have an amazing picture of him mounted on a horse in his military uniform. So naturlich Ich spreche Deutsch.

I started playing guitar around 2006 and failed miserably. I tried over and over, getting nowhere. About 2 years ago I started again with Justin Guitar and have made tremendous progress. Nobody runs for cover anymore when I play; now they gather to listen. Justin’s methods are fantastic and easy to follow. The best advice comes from one of Justin’s recent videos. He says there is so much out there available to learn it is easy to fall into an endless cycle of too many different topics. The best thing to do is to take it one step at a time and learn a few things at a time before moving on to the next. At your stage, focus on the chord changes and timing above anything else. If you don’t have that down, you will see later that you will need to take a step back. I recommend completing his lessons one by one and mastering the majority before moving onto the next step. A bit of music theory is smart as well to understand the big picture. I suggest to record yourself and measure your success against what you did a week ago, a month ago, etc. We all want to be masters of guitar, but remember this takes time and there is no shortcut. I feel it is rewarding to sing and play at the same time. Feel free to watch a couple of my videos in the record yourself playing. I am no master at playing or singing, but I put myself out there and play in public. Ich wunsche viel vergnugen

Jeff from California

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