Hi from Nicole from Austria (not Australia 😀 )

Hi Jeff,
What an interesting background story :astonished:. So, you have Austrian roots. Wow. Thanks for sharing this :slight_smile: .

And many thanks also for sharing Justin’s video about slow learning as well as your thoughts and experiences with this topic. When you’re a beginner it’s really hard sometimes to conciously slow down. But it definitely helps. I’m learning songs with Justin’s app as well as with his videos and the beginner songbook. And from time to time, I go back to the easiest songs (e.g. with just 2 chords and simple strumming), just to recognize, that even there, I’m not perfect yet. These experiences force me to slow down even further. Sometimes a bit frustrating, on the other side convincing me, that rushing through would be far more frustrating in the end.

So yes, it will take some more time before I’ll finally feel ready to move on to grade 2.
Thanks for encouraging me to stick to my ‘baby steps’ :hugs:.

Hello Nicole, a very warm welcome to the comunity. What a wonderful back story you have given us as an introduction.
You have asked some questions and raised some issues too that you will get help and guidance with. I will help where I can and have some ideas that might benefit you.

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Hello Nicole, I’m also a slow learner, so you are in good company.

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Welcome Nicole! Hope you enjoy poking around the website and learning new lessons. :grinning:

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I have sent you a direct message … :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot, Richard, for your warm welcome and your amazing helpfulness :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Yes, I absolutely do :smiley:.
The website is such a great resource. And thanks to its fantastic structure, it is quite easy not to get lost somewhere :upside_down_face:.

Welcome from me too Nicole! :slight_smile:

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Welcome, Nicole! It’s wonderful to hear your story, about how you got started, and about how you found Justin’s site.

I can absolutely relate to and empathize with this!

I agree, this is an amazing and supportive community, it’s a great place to be :blush:

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Hey Nicole, great intro and good luck on your guitar journey :guitar::blush:

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Hello Nicole.
Greedings from Upper Austria
You will love this community. Very helpful people here.

I have one song in my list what I want to play and that is Classical Gas from Tommy Emmanuel.

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Hello Nicole. So glad to are here. This community has a very broad age spectrum and we all beginners at some point. I’m a relearner in Grade 1. It can be exciting and overwhelming once you start realizing all the songs that a possible for you with just a few chord changes. @Helen0609 had a really good idea in focusing initially on the songs that are connected to the lessons. I’m doing that and keeping a notebook where I write down other goal songs as I think about them. That way I can still be excited about possibilities while mastering songs that are in the lessons.

TaTa for now and I look forwarded to reading more about your progress in the future.



Thank you, Mark :hugs:.

@ardemenz @spennamac
Thanks a lot for your warm welcome :hugs: .

Servus Roland!
And I already thought, I’d be the only Austrian in this forum. Good to know, that I was wrong :smiley: .
I’ve just listened to Classical Gas - well, I think this would forever stay in my ‘dreamer-list’ :sweat_smile:. Definitely out of reach for me at the moment. I’m focussing more on ‘Three Little Birds’ right now :joy:. But that’s fine…

Thanks for welcoming me :slight_smile:

Hello Rose,

That’s a great idea. I’ve also started to have my ‘songbook’ - with lots of ‘dreamers’ in it :sweat_smile:. But that’s absolutely ok. I need to have dreams :slight_smile:

My strategy for now is, to focus on my 5 songs I want to memorize before passing Grade 1. So I’m mainly practicing them. But also playing along some other songs, when I feel it’s time for a little alternation :wink:.

Thanks a lot for welcoming me :slight_smile:


I can play it very slow but I think the tab on ultimate guitar has mistakes in it. I wait until Justin Guitar has a tab for it. They are always correct.


Even if you ‘just’ play it slowly, it nevertheless means, that you are able to play all the chords and strumming pattern needed. That’s fantastic :smiley:.

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I stoped practicing because the tabs is wrong. Hope justin guitar has it soon. You actually can request songs and vote for songs.

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There is a full TAB for Classical Gas in the vintage songbook:

The Mason Williams version, not Tommy Emmanuel.

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Yes, I’ve already voted for some songs and also requeted one :grinning:.

Hi Roland if you really want to learn the Tommy Emmanuel version then might be worth checking out his Certified Gems course where he has 10 lessons teaches it how to play it the way he does. If you like Classical Gas it’s worth checking out the original version.

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