Hi I am Bytron! From NC USA!

Hey guys so ive been a member on justinguitar for a while and just coming over from the old website!! Hope everyone had a merry xmas and I hope you guys have a happy new year! Cant wait to start the new year off great!


Welcome to the darkside Byron

Welcome Byron! A lot of familiar names and faces here - as well as a lot of new members.

Hey Bytron, glad you got yourself here. I hope you brought your Taylor with you.

Glad you’ve made it over, Byron, and look forward to more songs from you.

Hey man glad you found your way over! Warm welcome!

Hi Byron … new place, more songs and music. :slight_smile:

Good to see you Byron.

Mr H :wave:
You found the map then ?
Good to see you here Byron. :sunglasses:

Good to see you again, Bytron! Once you get the hang of it, this place is pretty cool :sunglasses:

Glad you made the jump over.

Glad you made the transfer @Bytron08
See you around!

Hope you guys like it! Just a introduction/vlog - YouTube


Hey Bytron,

I’ve seen a little of you playing some tunes on other posts here in the community, and it’s nice to see your guitars and setup. And of course the two furry friends! It’s nice to know that there’s someone else whose voice changes when they’re playing with the pups :grin:

Lol haha its nice to know im not the only one then hahaha! :slight_smile:

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Creative fun way to introduce yourself, Bytron.

Thanks for the tour, Bytron. Can’t go wrong with a Taylor… :guitar:

Great introduction!. Love your little babies :slight_smile: , do they enjoy listening to you playing? Because my cat usually goes to another room when I’m rocking :metal::joy:

I was a League of Legends addict too, but I changed it for the guitar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Far better community, don’t you think?

Rock on :metal:

Lol they sometimes come bouncing in and listen i guess haha. That or wanting to play. LOL yeah anything is better then the league of legends community ROFL!

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Rock on, Byron, cool video intro, thanks for sharing that window into your world!