Hi I'm Angie from Arizona

Hi guys,

I’m just starting out with my guitar after an unsuccessful attempt about 20 years ago. Loving the structure of Justin’s lessons. I’m only at week 3 and the finger pain is improving a bit. My accuracy isn’t great yet but I did manage to play along with the app for the first time, standing up! One day I want to be able to finger pick, but first things first…lots of daily practice.


Welcome from another 6 weeks in. Finger pain will stop soon rest assured, mine lasted a month

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Welcome to the forum Angie

Welcome Angie!

Thank you, there’s light on the horizon.

Thanks Alex

Thanks Stitch

Hello Angie and welcome! I also re-tried after about 20 years and couldn’t be happier! Enjoy your journey…see you around here :blush:

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Hi Angie, Welcome, fantastic journey ahead good luck with it and remember is fun and Rome was not built in a day :slight_smile:

Hi Angie,
Welcome here and i wish you a lot of fun and a long life of guitarplaying :sunglasses:
Now I’m stuck with a song in my head all the day that I played for you,… :joy: :wink:

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Thanks Silvia, It’ll be a slow and steady job I think.

Thanks Amanda, it’s great how everyone is so encouraging.

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Welcome Angie!
Wish you every success on your guitar journey here
Playing standing up is so much better - yay!

Thank you



Welcome Angie. I wish you a lot of fun on your guitar journey. Lots of great people with tonnes of knowledge here ready to share and to help you along the way!

Welcome to the forum, Angie! Sounds like you are definitely on the right track and your regular practice will tame those digits in no time :fire::wave::dizzy_face::wink: All the best with your journey! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Hello Angie, and a warm Welcome to the community :hugs:.
The finger pain will eventually disappear or at least get significantly better (after practicing more than usual, I still get sore finger tips - I’ve been playing for 9 months now).
I love finger picking, although it’s a big challenge for my old brain :sweat_smile:.
I wish you a wonderful guitar journey :smiley:.

Thanks Eddie, a bit overwhelmed with the amount I have to learn, but one step at a time

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Thank you