Hi, I'm Jim from Nebraska

Hi, I’m Jim. So glad to become part of this community.
I’m 63 years old and started playing guitar when I was about 10, round abouts. I played up into the late 90’s, but I hit a kinda wall. I seemed to be becoming stagnate and not getting any better at playing.
I’ve been into music all my life really. I played trombone in Jr. and Sr. high. Marching band, stage band, orchestra (guitar was a side kick that I never did anything with). So at that point I was reading music, could even sight read music. Not so much any more. That was too long ago and I’ve pretty much forgot all of it.
Around 2000 I just quite playing guitar all together. I had a couple of guitars, but they sat in their cases for the next 25 years or so.

Fast forward to now.
About 3 1/2 years ago, I decided to pick up the guitar again. I didn’t really know where to start at so went in search of some on line guitar lessons. I ended up here at JustinGuitar.com.
I just started with lesson 1 and went through the lessons.
I got up into grade 5 somewhere and stopped.
I was on a different forum and started collaborating with someone. That was a lot of fun but I kinda stopped my lessons at that point. I need to pick the lessons up again I think as the collaboration has ended.
After the collaborations ended, I needed to find somewhere to go. I really like Justin’s teaching skills and I remembered that so came back here. I didn’t even know JustinGuitar had a forum, but I’m glad I caught on. My base idea is that to get better, other than playing a lot (and perhaps some lessons), I need to find someone who is better than I am so they can try to teach this old cat new tricks, so to speak.

I’m ready to get back into the lessons but can’t remember where I left of other than somewhere in grade 5.
fwiw, I play by my self. I don’t know anyone to play guitar with. But I would like to collaborate with someone again. I liked that (only done on line collab).
I got me a interface and a daw that I can kinda use. I was learning that from my old collab buddy, but it got cut short, so that needs work too. I’ve got no great way to video record myself short of a telephone w/crummy audio.

I guess I’m looking for guidance from others has to how to proceed.
The music I like is from the late 60’s to the mid 70’s Rock and Roll, and folk rock. Plus I lean to the blues and folk side of Rock and Roll would be my guess. I play a few Beatles songs. Recent songs I’ve done on recording are. Youngbloods Get Together a collab (my last collab), CSNY Helplessly hoping, Our House, Triad, all solo recordings (multi track). I also have maybe another 10 or so songs that I collabed on. Even a two original songs.
One of the more fun songs I got to play along with was The Weight, by the Band. It was done in the style of ‘playing for change’ where ea. verse got passed on to another person. So had 5 or so different styles of playing for the different verses. I had fun with that song and I got to do the base rhythm guitar glue that holds the song together and I got to do the into, + I got to do verse 2. It was fun, and diversified.

fwiw, since I been playing for 3 1/2 years now, I’ve already been bitten by the GAS bug. So I have some new to me gear. At this point I think I’ve found the tones I want with the gear I have and have not had GAS since April when I got my last piece of gear. I have electric guitar or acoustic to choose from and go back and forth often depending on how I feel.

While I like the gear, I know it won’t make me a better player.
So hear I am. Needing to learn some new tricks and looking for guidance as to how to get there.

Another fwiw. Here’s kinda where I’m at.

This is me. 4 tracks I think. Finger pickin guitar (which I’m learning to do), Rhythm, strumming guitar. Main vocal track + a harmony vocal track. Sorry about the singing. I don’t sing, and I for sure found it real hard to come up with singing harmony. I also did this song too fast. When I did it, I purposely didn’t look up the song on the www. I wanted to do it w/o help from the real song. Only from memory. What I did was look up the tempo on the www. It said 140 bpm (from memory). Well, that seemed to fast and I slowed it down to 130 or so. After it was done, then I went and listened to the real song. Man, I did it way to fast and should have not bothered with the strumming guitar part. Hind sight is 20/20.

Looking forward to becoming part of this community and getting on with some more lessons and learning.
I don’t know, but do folks collaborate here? I found that to be a lot of fun. And I think it was helping me become better too. Playing with others is not playing by yourself. ie. staying in tempo. I find myself wandering in tempo many times, and if I use a metronome I find it hard to stay with the metronome.
Well, that’s my short/long story.

Glad to be here.
And Hello to All.


Hi Jim!

Welcome to the forum!

Honestly, I’m not as active in the forums as I wish, so maybe there are some more collaborations I’m not aware of. But there doesn’t seem a dedicated system for that. I’d be up for some, but levels, styles and expectations are vastly different. When I get to it I would love to have more collabs or maybe some “forum games”.

There is a challenge section, haven’t figured it out yet (I’m still not advanced enough U feel), but maybe this could be something for you?
There’s a section to present the collabs though.

Some more senior members may have more insight.

Regarding the video recording:
I also have only an old phone to record my video for now, but with an interface, one can just overlay the video with the music from the interface in a video editor (or even in the daw depending on which one you use).

Anyway, I wish you lots of fun in the community, I think there are great answers from members here, just have to ask the right questions!


Hey Jim

Welcome to the forum. I was born and raised in Kansas. Another idea is to check out any music clubs in your area. I was fortunate to find a club close to where I live and have had many joyful moments jamming and socializing with friends we made through the music club.

Hi Jim, welcome to the community forum. I’m in grade 3, so I can’t provide a lot of help. As for strumming, it wouldn’t hurt to go back to the beginning and focus on the strumming lessons. If you went through the classic course, you’ll find that Justin has added more strumming advice to the new course.

Thanks for the welcome + the links you provided Marcel. I for sure am still learning my way around the website. Extra insight helps make that easier, thank you.

For video recording, I seen that there is a way to introduce a video into my daw, but have never tried that. Won’t surprise me that I’ll have to try it to see if I can link my telephone and the daw together. That would work real good, if I can figure it out. Unfortunately, I’m no computer wiz by any sense of the word and I can barely do audio only editing. So guessing, adding video will be harder yet.

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Thanks for the welcome tony. Good to be here.
Your idea of finding some music clubs is likely a good one. But I’ve no idea where to start looking for a music club. I can’t imaging my city of 300,000 not having something like that. + for sure I could do with some socializing and making some new friends. Seems like I used to have some friends, but not so much now a days for some reason. Probably because I just don’t go out so much anymore to anywhere.

Happy to help, I too am still learning a lot…

Regarding the technical:

With the right adapter you could hook up the interface to your phone directly. That works ok. There are alternatives with obs (streaming software) and phone apps that do video streaming over the wifi. I find them too clunky and unreliable though.

I find it easiest to clap on the audio and video. Then just drag the video into my daw (I use Ableton) and there I can sync it on the waveform (albeit paid video editing software has this sync automated, haven’t found a cheap workaround outside of that at the moment) and have all my tracks separate to mix after the fact.

Don’t hesitate to hit me up I’d love to help where I can. Or ask in the gear section on the forums, I read some quite detailed knowledge over there. Nerds normally love to talk about these details :wink:

Thank You for the welcome SteveL_G99.
I just decided to go back and start looking at the courses again. I started @ level 4, perhaps I should go back even further to 3 by your suggestion. I can’t remember when I first looked at this website, maybe a year plus ago? Seems like JustinGuitar is always working on adding something new. This is great. This makes sense to me. When I do something, many times I will go back and add to what I’m explaining.
Thanks for the good Idea.

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Thanks Siff about the technical stuff.
Seems like I may have to look into this as I’ve seen many individuals here doing video recordings. While I can likely do that with my phone alone, mating it with my daw I’m guessin will be a challenge. And I’m not rich, so I like the stuff that don’t cost me money.
Like the daw I use seems to be at no cost as of yet and I had it for a year + or round abouts. I’m using traction waveform 12 for the daw. My interface is a focusrite 2i2.
Sure do appreciate the help offer. I’m likely to end up on the gear section soon enough. :wink: I like gear… and I like details…

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Hey HappyCat, Catman here!

Hello & welcome!

I suspect that you are playing above my play grade so I won’t be offering advice. But I do say that this is a pretty friendly place to hang out with some really knowledgeable interaction going on and lots of good natured encouragement! Hope you have lots of fun!


Google is your friend. If on facebook, there are many groups there, there’s also a place, meetup.com where groups advertise their existence. Another way is to find the open mic venues in your town and attend, you’ll often meet others like you there. Don’t be too restrictive, if you like folk for example and there’s a country music group, go along, it might work, it might not.


Welcome to the forum Jim

Hey Catman.
I like your screen name. Imagine that.
Appreciate the welcome mat. Thank You.
I take advise from anyone and everyone. Looks like there is a lot of interaction here. I like that.
I’m looking forward to having fun and learning a lot here.

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Thank You stitch.

“Google is your friend. If on facebook, there are many groups there, there’s also a place, meetup.com where groups advertise their existence. Another way is to find the open mic venues in your town and attend, you’ll often meet others like you there. Don’t be too restrictive, if you like folk for example and there’s a country music group, go along, it might work, it might not.”

I need to get out more. Covid got me trained to stay home and play my guitar. Away from others. I don’t get out so much. I don’t belong to facebook. Gonna be hard for me to collab ain’t it. Or I start going out. I’ll see. Thanks for the ideas.

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Jim, I’m sure that grade 3 has changed a lot in the last year, I was responding more to your ending statement “ I find myself wandering in tempo many times, and if I use a metronome I find it hard to stay with the metronome”. I was beginning grade 4 a few years ago and got a little bored (I’m 68 and have been playing the guitar since 1975), and went away to other things. When I came back to Justin a year ago, I realized that I had focused on lead guitar and finger picking so much my strumming had suffered and gotten rusty. i went back to Grade 1 and spent a week on each module focusing on strumming and started videoing my performances. I am now back on Grade 3 (almost finished) but working longer on each song. That may not be what you need or want, but just wanted to make the suggestion. If you did the classic beginner grades (stages 1 to 9), notice that the new grade 1 and 2 has all the chords from the earlier grade 1 to 3 courses, but added learning riffs in each module. Grade 3 is all new, with a few topics from the old Grade 4.

I listened to your audio file. I liked the recording, but I kept thinking that I wished I could hear you play acoustic for the rhythm track. It would add more weight to the rhythm guitar track. I’m surprised you didn’t include acoustic guitar since you enjoyed playing The Weight. I like that song also, since my favorite guitar is from Nazareth, PA. :slight_smile:

Welcome Jim. I’m afraid I can’t help you with anything, too new to this guitar thing, but glad you found us!! :smiley:

Hello Jim and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

Sounding good on your recording. I can’t help you with things either as I’m quite a bit behind your skill level.

Hi Jim,
Welcome and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

Hi Jim,
Nice to meet you. Good luck with the continuation of your guitar journey. Recording sounded really nice.
Best wishes,