Hi, I'm Kevin from Scotland

Hey, I’ve had a few failed attempts at learning guitar starting in my teens but I haven’t picked a guitar up in anger for quite a few years. I’m 44 now and started out with the site and app. Lots to learn, 3 very sore fingers at the moment but enjoying it immensely!


Welcome to the forum Kevin

Welcome Kevin. My fingers can empathise :laughing:

We’re a similar age profile and background so it’d be good to compare notes as your journey unfolds.

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Welcome to the Community, Kevin, you’ve come to a great place to learn and experience successful learning (let so many of us here)

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Hi, I’m Kevin from Spain :sweat_smile:
Welcome mate, you came to the right place, it’s an exciting journey you started.

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Hi Kevin, I’m a fellow Scot but living south of the border. I’m coming from a very similar background as you and similar age. Wish you all the best with your guitar journey and look forward to following your progress.

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Hi Kevin, stick at it, it’s worth the pain, I started at the age of 53, 10 years later I’m still loving it.


Hello Kevin and welcome. :slight_smile:

Ahhhh yes, those pesky fingers. That pain should start to go soon now.

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Welcome Kevin,

it doesn’t matter how many times you drop it and pick it up again, you’ll still progress.

The point is you are enjoying it :guitar:

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Hi Kev
Iam 70 and started only a few years ago, I was a lot older than you when I started, yes not easy but once you get that first song out you will be hooked, mine was Blowing In The Wind by Dylan.
Hang in you can do it, many happy hours will follow.

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Hi Kevin
Yes… I’ve had a few failed attempts at learning but have got it together a bit in the last few years. But its a great feeling when you can feel hear the improvement… becomes a bit addictive.
All the best

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Hi Kevin, I’m Kevin with ancestors from Scotland! Welcome to the community!

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Hi Kevin and welcome.

I am a non-Kevin and your story sounds familiar. Right place, right time, right support system. Alright ! Good to have you onboard.


Sassenach living in Normandie

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Thanks for the warm welcome, tried playing along to a few songs today and while I won’t be signed any time soon I throughly enjoyed it!

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Welcome to fellow resident of Scotland. I live up in Ullapool.