Hi there! I'm Gilbert from Toronto. I'd like to know more about triads

Hi there! I’m Gilbert from Toronto. I’d like to know more about triads.

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Welcome to the forum Gilbert. What do you want to know. Triads a 3 note chords, you can use all 6 stings to play them or as little as 3 just as long as they only have 3 notes.

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Hello Gilbert, and Welcome to the community :hugs:.

Hi @TorontoGilbert

Welcome to the Community!

Justin happens to be a fan. Check the search on the website and you will have a lot to discover!

some examples;


Hello and welcome to our community Gilbert. :slight_smile:

Good to meet you GIlbert, happy triad-ing!!

Hello and welcome Gilbert :smile:

Link police! Whoop-Whoop!! Pull it over mister…
I kid because I care. LOL

Yeah, there are tons of links from Justin and many other greats, but I think the greater value is finding out how our forum members actually use them. I like to use them as lead-ins and/or outros to particularly otherwise strummy songs, as they add dynamics. Cases in point:
when will i be loved
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Bob Dylan Cover)

Or as a roadmap for combining rhythm and lead guitar parts:
Pan-damn-demic phishy-lissa patio jam
In this case I used a number of entry and exit points based on triad chords around the fretboard. When you know your triads you can always hit a chord for comping or a chord tone for lead.

Hope that helps!


Hot darn Clint.
I’d forgotten about some of your pan-damn-demic jams. This sushine patio one was sw-eee-t.
Triads and lead lines together. I love it.

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Hello, welcome to the community Gilbert!

May I be so bold as to recommend this:

I started using them in the intro and solo section of To Her Door, because I am not a lead player. I use left hand muted closed chord strumming for the song’s G, D and C, then switch to G, C and D triads on the G, B and e strings for the solo, intro and outro.

Interesting for me, I now prefer to play the Em in the chorus sections as a triad on the same strings. It keeps the muting going and just sounds better to me than the open position Em. A bit of chord voicing maybe.

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Welcome to the community, Gilbert!