Hi to you all. I'm Igor, a Belgian living in Hungary


I’m igor, 53 y Belgian,

I recently moved to Hungary with my wife, dogs and cat.

I drive a truck all around Europe for 3 weeks and then I am one week at home.

Playing guitar was something I always wanted to learn, but never found the patience to endure, not being musical at all, didn’t help either, I guess.

Now that I am in my wiser years [ my wife would disagree :grinning:], it is time to finally learn how to play.

And with enough spare time on the job, there’s no reason why not filling that time learning something new.

So I was looking for an online course, and stumbled on a Dutch speaking course, witch had good reviews.

I paid for it and started, that’s now 4 weeks ago.

Each week I get a lesson, and then I practice on that lesson for a week, reviewing what I learned the previous week, and it works.

I practice every day, an average of 45 minutes and in the weekend 2times a day, the teacher said to practice at least 15 minutes, but I was enjoying it so much, that I loose track of time.

I started reading on a Dutch guitar forum, and somebody mentioned he was learning with Justin.

So I went and have a look at the website, looking at the lessons, I found that Justin’s way of teaching, spoke more to me, but more importantly the structured practice, was the thing i missed.

I’m going to continue with both courses , but my focus will be with Justin’s teachings .

I’m starting out on a acoustic guitar, a Fender cd 60 v3, which is more practical in my truck and cheaper. In Hungary I’m going to practice on my wife’s classical guitar, so I don’t have to bring my guitar with me, when I fly home.

Eventually I’m planning to move on to electric guitar.




Welcome along Igor, sounds like the perfect hobby for time in the cab :+1:

Nothing wrong with mixing up your learning materials, keeps it fresh

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Hi Igor, sounds like a great way to fill your time on the road, that amount of practice will absolutely work well and a really good plan ahead!
Welcome :slight_smile:

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Hello Igor and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

A great way to lose a few hours in your cab and I guess you’ll be abele to play as loud as you want. Enjoy your journey.

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Hi Igor,
Welcome,…and I immediately see parking spaces with a picnic table where you will be playing guitar in front of your fellow truck drivers in a while… :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
If that is ever the case I beg you to at least take pictures of that :smile:…and if you ever start a learning log you can post it with pictures from the road anyway… :sunglasses:
I wish you a lot of fun,

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Welcome to the forum Igor

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Hey Igor, welcome to the forum. I started playing 10 years ago when I was 53 and I’m so glad I stuck with it as it’s become part of my lifestyle now. Keep at it, it’s so very worth it. Look forward to hearing more from you.

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Welcome Igor. You should have plenty of time for practice if you are not too tired driving all day.

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Thx tony,
sticking to it, is my main goal for the moment

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Thx stitch

Thx Rogier,
Playing on the parking lot, wil probably get me in trouble, since most of the guys want to catch up with some rest, but who knows

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Playing to loud, will probably get killed :rofl:

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Empty’s the head after a long day of work

Hello Igor and a warm welcome to the community :hugs:.
Being a truck driver and playing guitar in your freetime sounds like a great combination.
Before I finally found Justin’s course, I also did another online course with weekly sessions. Always getting some ‚homework‘ to do before the next lesson. But as you said, there was a lack of structure. Justin’s method suits definitely better to me :blush:.
I wish you lots so fun on your guitar journey :grinning:.

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Thx Nicole

Hi and welcome!

As a Dutch speaking Belgian that had French in school and being fluent in English, I might be able to help you on both fronts; guitar and Dutch :smiley:
Dutch guitar terms are lame though, that’s why every uses the English names and terms :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello Igor, a very warm welcome to JustinGuitar and the community.
So many people recognise that Justin’s structured learning path is what they need and it seems you have too.
Good luck and if you need help just ask.

Hi Lieven and thx,
With playing guitar, I’m sure you can help me.
Dutch is my native language, so unles you want to learn me, how to write faultless, I’m ok :grinning:
I was just looking at the music theory lessons, and was actually planning to ask you, if there were good basic online lessons in Dutch, my English is good enough for all day use, but I gues there will be a lot of words and therm’s ill have to google, witch makes it little more difficult, since I loose concentration quite fast, which makes me afraid to loose interest .
But for now I’m still concentrating on playing, and going to follow Justin’s advice on starting music theory, when I can play some easy songs
Grtz igor

Hi Igor,
I myself am Dutch who speaks some languages ​​(especially understands several) but especially with the non-everyday use I often use google translate, it works really easy… I did some searching before I ended up with Justin and noticed that a few dutch teachers (even from music school) start with the explanation of english terms because you will most likely encounter them all the time during your guitar journey…I can assure you (a lot of lessons have subtitles now a day ,toch Lieven?) that it is very good to follow, most things repeat themselves continuously so looked up 1x and you’re good for a while, …
At the department playing in Modes it cost me a lot of extra time, … but i went there way to soon :blush:
It is really a super course which has ensured that I was able to learn to play the guitar much faster.

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Hi Richard thank you,
The Dutch course, is also focused on beginner’s, but I found myself trying to get the cords for 30 minutes than some strumming technics, and that was all right at the first two weeks, but when I had more to learn it became one day doing this the other day another thing. Now I must say, I was never any good in structuring my learning, so it was more my doing, than the course itself.
When I stumbled on Justin’s site I immediately recognized what I was missing.
So now I’m going to try to find a equilibrium between the two, and as said, Justin’s way of teaching speaks a little more to me

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