Hi to you all. I'm Igor, a Belgian living in Hungary

Hi Rogier,
I do use google translate, especially in Hungary, I don’t speak the language yet.
But for studying, I am a little afraid, it will take my focus away.
Maybe it’s because I don’t know anything about music,that makes my think like that. And a little self knowledge.
I’m also looking at the ear training module, since I have absolutely no sense off rhythm.
Actually I started the grade1 module this morning. And I guess it is going to take some time. I know happy birthday, and it’s Dutch counterpart, lang zal hij leven, but it doesn’t come out , Singing the notes, nowhere near it.
But then again, it was the first time i did that.
I guess I wil see where this journey brings me.

Hi skinnyt ,
In the 30 years I’m on the road now, I never had quiet job like this one, without the stress and time pressure.
Most off the time, there should be, at least 30 minutes I can practice.

Hi Igor,
Try try and try again…eventually you will get there with a lot of practice :sunglasses:
Greetings,and never forget the fun of learning this stuff,…

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Welcome to the Community! :wink:

Well, comparing living in Hungary and learning the guitar, I’d say the latter is the easier task :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi Jozef, köszönöm
Living in Hungary is not so hard, the language is going to take some time.
So yes, ill probably will play a song, before I can have a decent conversation in Magyarul

Hi Igor,
Good to see you here. I hope you have fun learning both Dutch and the guitar.

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Hi Himawari ,
Dutch is actually my native language, I’m going to learn Hungarian