Hiya folks, Aäron from Belgium here

Hello everyone, time for another, probably pretty familiar introduction!

I’m Aäron, 34 from the north of Belgium. Played some electrical guitar when I was in my early teens, to have some fun with friends, but never really practiced in a structured way. Going to college pretty much put a stop to it altogether. Gave away all my gear to friends who were actually using it, apart from 1 very cheap no-name classical guitar that I bought on a whim and no-one really wanted. For some reason it just stuck with me all that time, never taken out of the bag.

Fast forward about 16 years and my professional musician partner is teaching me some music theory and how to sing and just getting me interested in music in another way than just listening.
One evening a month ago we were toying around with Irish tunes and I don’t know why, but I took out that classical guitar to try and form the chords to go along with her singing.
Girlfriend tuned it by ear and broke one of the tuning pegs in the process :joy:
Let’s just say it wasn’t the greatest musical session ever, but somehow I got bitten…

It felt nice holding the guitar, the pain in my fingers wasn’t actually as bad as expected (have pretty rough fingers as a climber!) and the thought of being able to play along with my girlfriend was super exciting!

After a week of just feeling it out, mucking around on the semi tuned classical and reading about apps and what not, I stumbled upon JG and got sucked in by the way of teaching and Justin’s personality as a teacher (and Nitsuj’s journey!).
I also bought a secondhand Takamine GD20NS exactly 3 weeks ago now and completely fell in love with it!

So here we are, 1 month far, struggling a lot on the C chord, and loving every minute of it!



Hi Aäron. Welcome to JG and the forum. Having someone to play with and share the experience with is both fun and a great motivator. Enjoy the journey.

Hi and welcome Aäron.
(sorry, Aäron with dots, that HAS to be related to this gag; keep watching until about 01:40 ;))

Thanks fo sharing your story!
Where in Belgium are you at?
I live in Putte, but the Putte close to Mechelen, not the one near the border with The Netherlands.

Keep sharing your progress and stories! :smiley:

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Great to hear from you, stories like yours definitely put a smile on my face. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Hi Aäron, welcome to the community. I know where your coming from regarding the C chord but what a sense of accomplishment you’ll get when you master it.

Oh yeah, one of my favorites! :smiley:

Currently living in Deurne, a bit to the south of Antwerp. And will do, starting a learning log is the next thing on the agenda :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome to the community Aäron. :slight_smile:

Nice! Free theory lessons :smiley: It will be good to be able to jam with your girlfriend once you get a few chords under your belt.

Hi Aäron,
Welcome and i wish you a lot of fun and playing time…

Welcome to the Community, Aäron. Lovely to be able to learn with your girlfriend. Look forward to hearing how you progress.

Welcome along Aaron, that right there is the whole point and what we’re all here for!! Wishing you all the best :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the welcomes everyone!
Another commitment I made to myself was not to be a lurker (my usual modus operandi) and instead actively participate on the forum as I suspect that’s how I’ll learn the most!
So you’ll definitely see me around often!

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Welcome Aaron,

Great little backstory, and handy to have your own personal theory teacher. It will help you out alot.
Enjoy the journey here mate. Justins a tremendous teacher, and this great community will help you along the way. Join in and reach out anytime you need help.

Cheers, Shane

Hi Aaron, I know what you mean about JG and getting interested because of his teaching method. Having your own musician partner will be so much fun for you. I also found the C chord quite a pain to master, but I have no doubt that with time you will also… Just wait until you meet her terrible brother the F :grinning: Welcome to a new world of making music!

Hello Aaron! Greetings from Antwerp!
Hope you’ll enjoy your stay here!

Greetings from Brussel :). Enjoy the guitar journey!

Hello Aäron and welcome to JustinGuitar, welcome to the community.

Having a musical partner there to make music with and to help you as you learn should be a real blessing.
:slight_smile: Richard

@Richard_close2u @SylvieL it’s a blessing and a curse having a musical partner!
On the one hand she’s way more enthusiastic about my small improvements (not easily satisfied with myself), so she’s really cheering me on!
On the other hand she tries to explain things that are such second nature to her that she doesn’t understand when I completely get lost in her seemingly simple explanation :sweat_smile:

But overall it’s great, can’t wait until I can do a bit more than just throw her off-rhythm when playing together :joy:

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Hey Aaron :grinning: Take your time. Remember this is a journey. I too was jamming with a friend of mine who had years of experience ( she is now moving away ) and would say " oh, yeah, that chord is easy" and I would just look at her with stupefaction!!! “How can you get your fingers to move like that?” With time you will be amazed at your own achievement but please be kind to yourself and remember that she is NOT expecting you to be a professional, but is probably just so happy that you can share her passion with playing guitar.

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Always nice to see a fellow Belgian on here. Especially one that’s been bitten by the guitar virus, too! :grin:

Justin’s lessons are a great discovery, but the community around them is too! Always helpful and positive, so don’t hold back if you have any questions or doubts.

Congratulations on finding the best teacher out there! Enjoy!