Hotel California solo progress tracking

This is the latest solo I am working on. I started 5 weeks ago / 20hrs in so far. I thought initially it might be too difficult, but it seems it was a good choice. I am happy with the progress so far - things are happening faster for me now and it makes me want to play more, then I see more results and want to play more… Infinite loop kind of, and I am enjoying it properly. :smiley:

This is challenging for sure, there are many mistakes. There are also things I never tried before and I slow them down and practice separately. This is mostly around fast combinations of bending and legato. Occasionally I can make them at this speed, but I made mistakes almost at every such part in this video, which is representative of my current level.

The “backing track” is a YT lesson video (there is no Justin’s lesson, unfortunately). It is a bit weird because it is split into parts (with some guitar 2 parts as well), maybe due to copyright issues with the song. :slight_smile: This is good as it gives me time to prepare for the next part. :slight_smile:

The main intention of posting this is to track progress through time and to get some early feedback. Any tips, suggestions, or comments are all appreciated! :slight_smile: Thank you for watching.


Sounds like you are going about it the right way Boris, nice.

Love the tone :fire:

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Think I would go crazy if I started counting in hours :scream::sweat_smile:

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Thank you for sharing this Boris. I’m not as far along as you, but I can hear that you’re really getting this down! I really needed to read what you wrote:

I’ve been pushing myself recently too, and disappointed in myself that progress is slow. I haven’t put in nearly the number of hours on my challenges as you have on any one thing, and spent the weekend convincing myself that I need to put in more quality time. You just proved my thinking is right, and showed me what I can look forward to by getting some serious time in!

That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing. I certainly underestimate the effort it will take me to learn some of the harder stuff but the reward once learned is immeasurable

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Hey Boris,

Good start, and progress mate. 20hrs is not a long time. Its an iconic solo, very tricky for sure in parts, and full of technique, partcularly bending, vibrato and bending/vibrato.

One suggestion if I may. Now that you’ve got the general note sequence going over several bars, I would go back, bar by bar, or phrase by phrase, and get the phrasing, bends, vibrato, bends with vibrato etc, spot on regarding pitch, intensity, duration etc.
Its certainly a challenge I know, but its just about the best learning you can do I reckon.

All the best.
Cheers, Shane


Hi Boris,
That’s way beyond my playing ability to offer any tips, but your playing was enjoyable and inspiring for me to watch. For the amount of time you have put in you seem to have made good progress so far. I look forward to hearing updates on this. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you Dave! :slight_smile: I do measure in minutes actually with the stopwatch and then note this down. :smiley: The only exception is when playing with people where stopwatch would just be too much, so I simply divide the full time by 2. I think that is a good estimate of effective playing time. :slight_smile: The good thing with all of this is that you get very nice statistics over time telling you what you practiced.

I am sure there are talented kids 3 times more efficient, but even they still have to put some considerable time in. The guitar is difficult, I kind of see it as fun second university. :smiley: Proper dedication and time is necessary, but it must be consistent. Skipping days and then putting 5hrs will not work. Thank you Judi! :slight_smile:

@tony, @Tim_Wilson
Thank you Tony and Tim for watching and kind words, I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Thank you Shane, that is really useful! :slight_smile: I started slowly working on pieces in isolation, especially some more challenging parts. I get what you are saying, there is a lot more work required to get it even to a solid state. Probably years to fully perfect it, as some things require time to fully automate.


Hey Boris !

I can’t believe you made that much progress in only 5 weeks ! Congratulation, you did great ! :slight_smile:

That’s not an easy piece. Just the fingering of the solo in itself is a challenge, but then you have all those legato techniques that are hard to get right.

It’s a great idea to record yourself at different timeframe. It adds an extra layer of motivation since you will have a feeling of progression when you watch the video back in a few weeks/months. I’ve never did it, I only record at the end. I might borrow your idea for BIM.

This is inspiring. Could you send me the links to the tutorial / backing track ? Thanks.

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Thank you so much! :smiley:

It also puts some online pressure and creates accountability. :smiley: Everything that helps and motivates us to play is good!

I used this video lesson. It is just a video with tabs at slow speed, but no explanations there. Unfortunately, there is no Justin’s lesson for this solo.

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No because Don Henley slaps a copyright writ on anyone using his material. There’s a big thread around here somewhere and it risked Justin getting booted off YouTube. Even posting your vid here may expose him to legal action from DH and his legal eagles.

Hopefully not, this is clearly a student material and passed YT copyright checks. Anyway, if there are any issues, happy to remove.