House of the Rising Sun (Acoustic)

It has been a while since I posted a song, so I decided to do a one take. I had a few dead strings but not too many, and botched the lyrics a bit in a couple of places. I did ad a little reverb but nothing else. I’m happy to receive feedback.

House of the Rising Sun


Hi Mark,…
:sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:
Well played and fantastic singing…super :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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Good to another from you, Mark. Smooth steady playing which is tough to maintain throughout and enjoyed your singing. And played on a Kinsey guitar!

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Fabulous Mark, enjoyed that!! Nice and steady finger picking rhythm all the way through and I’m also really impressed with your singing, uninhibited in the best possible way.
Thanks for sharing!

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Some really nice playing and singing in this timeless classic Mark. Well done.

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Thanks Rogier!

Thanks David. I just glued the neck on my second one. :grin:

Thanks Mark, I appreciate the support.

Thanks so much Gordon!

You are so in the pocket Mark for so much of this. When you’re fully embedded in the song you have a powerful presence that makes for a compelling performance. This is a good lesson for me who becomes distracted by external things, how I look, how I sound, where I’m not doing well enough, what’s happening outside, wanting to check my phone etc. Thankyou for reminding me to get into character and stay there.

Good job.

Well played, well sung! HOTRS is an absolute essential for every guitarist. You’ve got it nailed. :smiley:

Thanks for the kind words Maggie. Jen and I actually played this song at our wedding, but on a piano and saxophone instead of guitar.

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Thanks, I have always loved this song!

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I am a little behind on the videos, Mark, combination of work and power cuts that prevent me watching YouTube.

That was a great cover Mark. Really well played and sung. I didn’t notice any fluffs.

The videos are actually quite a bit behind the build. I have them scheduled out a bit.

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Thanks Stefan, there were just a couple of places that the note was muted. It didn’t seem as noticeable in the video as in person.

Great performance with nice finger picking and vocals. Really enjoyed it mate.

Thanks Sandro, I appreciate the support.

Put aside your self critique Sir !! Desist Now !!

That was great Mark, did not hear any lyrics fluffed and this is one of those “ingrained in my soul” songs. You were in the zone, gone man solid gone. To sing like that and finger pick, is beyond me, so to watch you, totally engaged made my morning, well early afternoon now.

Put me right in the mood for the OM, as if I need owt else !! 7 hours to go, looking forward to you and Jen !!