House of the Rising Sun Improv, First real video

I made my first video (in the light) and music recording that is also meant to be heard by other people…and boy oh boy, that’s suddenly a lot more difficult, I wouldn’t have expected it any other way, and I I absolutely see the added value of sharing your music with others, it all still feels very uncomfortable…and it is also very strange to see yourself playing for the first time, I will also learn a lot from that I hope… …and you can shoot at it of course.


Well just lookee here…
Dude actually plays guitar!
Complete with bends, vibratos and that weird thing of sliding your hand down the fretboard before moving it back up to continue where you left off :roll_eyes:

House of the rising sun, my foot-
House of the rising star more like!
Next thing he’ll be losin’ the wheels and struttin’ his stuff round the kitchen.
What then?
Walk on water? :rofl:


Thanks Brain,
I’m laughing really hard here… :joy: :sunglasses:

Nice job Roger enjoyed that sir!

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Thanks Jason,
Thank you for taking the time to listen…I’m quite insecure when it comes to things like this, although I would really like to hear comments that I can learn from, recording yourself is a very good learning opportunity i heard,…and that`s true i see now. …I have skin left on my face :see_no_evil::grin:

By far the best way to gain some confidence in what you are doing. We are all different, prefer different styles and are at different places in terms of guitar but anyone can improve by recording themselves…it’s bit nerve wracking to start with BUT there are worse things and once you get past that you’ll become more focussed on what you are performing and producing.

I’ve seen other forums where people can nit pick a little about peoples performances…tend to be a little over critical… you wont get that on here.


Err… I think he should at least learn how to set the camera so it does not record in mirror image. Makes him look left-handed. Sheeesh… :roll_eyes:

Oooo,never thought of that, read it once, no idea what you mean… :grimacing:

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Bravo, Roger!

It was just delightful from start to finish. You played with feeling and feel, demonstrated your progress learning many techniques, use of the Trio.

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Very nice Roger, I enjoyed it very much!
Your improvisation around the theme was pretty good and the embellishments were tasteful! Well done :+1:

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That was great! I would choose to listen to that even if you weren’t a community compatriot.

I did also like the turn and smirk to the camera! Nice!

Really great on all levels! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks @DarrellW and @Jamolay ,
i’m starting to blush more and more…and as for that grin, i’m very aware of that camera on my snout,…that makes me quite uncomfortable, luckily the audience is very nice here,… .but critiques are also welcome…

That was wonderful stuff Roger. Some lovely work in there.

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House of the rising :star2: more like it Rogier.

I’m so glad you’ve found the courage to share your music uncomfortable as it was for you. You will most certainly learn from this in more ways than you might anticipate.

Your playing is a joy to listen to and watch. Clean notes, delicious tones, creative improv and interpretation of the song.

No more lurking in the dark for you Rogier :star2:

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Wow that was great Rogier. Some super skills on display there. You breathed new life into a very overplayed song. Very creative. Well done.

You looked very calm and confident so no need to worry about putting yourself out there. I look forward to your next one.

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Thank you Maggie,
I am very happy with all the nice words…only I fear that I may have set the expectations very high, we have the expression here “one swallow does not make a summer”, ( one lucky shot(?) )
But I’ll keep the light on, …now work on video techniques … something that I no longer seem left-handed, I heard from Brian :grin:

And I can’t wait for other things to come out that I’ve learned,but apparently practice a little more,and take your time,patience,it will come “by itself”…I know :innocent: :blush: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thank you Gordon,

Same as what I’m saying above,…and I’m glad you say it looks calm and confident, if it looks a bit “loose”, it also sounds a bit less cramped (tiring(?) ) hopefully,… .looking at yourself if you often listen to, Eric C, Dire S and people like BB K…is a bit …let`s say…tricky for me :grin:

Very impressive Roger. I look forward to hearing/learning more from you. Thanks :grinning:

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That is true, Roger. But I’ve looked at many of your recordings shared in your Learning Log and have observed a small flock of swallows :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If you look at the settings in your phone camera you will find something for the front-facing camera that turns a mirror/flip setting on/off.

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Hi David,
Well, I’ll just let it rest then…

Ooooooo,I found it, :see_no_evil:…and it looks really different :joy:,…I understand your comments on us new people now @brianlarsen

Now going to come up with something for that camera on the chair, and put it down in such a way that the microphone input is aimed at the amplifier :hear_no_evil:…but no rush, it may take a while, I just have to look out a new laptop … cough …