How are your instruments coping in the heat

My garden thermometer has just tripped over 39 Celsius and the house around 30.
My guitars are going out of tune in about 20 minutes at the moment, I’ve given up trying anything today!!
How are your beloved 6 strings coping? :hot_face:

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We had on average 39-43C over the last 6 days and it was stupid hot yesterday and still 28C at midnight. When the weather is like that we go into lockdown ( a term we used long before covid) and drop all the window shutters (bit like the old John Stalker advert from years back). Average temp in the Den/Study/Music room has been 26-27C but the stable has been pretty stable. I’ve been messing with the POD Go since Saturday morning and grabbing different guitars each day. Saturday LPs, Sunday Strats and Monday SG all have been fine tuning wise apart from when I have had a serious bending sessions. Today may be an HB day but not decided, as the humidity is ramping up, so at the moment I experimenting with OBS and EZ Drummer. But generally all is good here at MMS. :sunglasses: :fire: :fire: :sunglasses:


This is unusual weather for England and I am worried about the effect it will have on my guitars. I keep them in the coolest room in the house and keep them tuned, playing them every day. I know these guitars are sold all over the world but what’s the best way to treat them?

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Well, here in the Netherlands nothing is wrong…23c all day, a little sun, a little clouds… a little lying to keep the spirit high, maybe I’ll believe it myself… :grimacing: :woozy_face: :hot_face:

At 8 o’clock in the morning I play for an hour and then it’s done, … that chair I sit in all day is hot enough, then I can’t have a guitar on my belly … .good luck everyone and pay attention to the animals around you :cup_with_straw: :ice_cube:


@Garrbo I think the guitars are fine in the UK with a couple of days like this to be fair, I’ve just never noticed that much of an impact on the guitars!

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Good to her Toby, have fun experimenting.

@roger_holland Likewise Rogier, stay safe and stay as cool as possible!!


Don’t know where your location is in the Netherlands. But I m too and currently at 36c degrees

Hi Ton,

Only in my head … only in my head it`s cool :smirk: … at least that’s what I try to talk to myself :upside_down_face:

And in Nijkerk semi-centrum

Just checked our outside thermometer which is in the shade and it is reading 38.0 deg c and still rising
I am NE of England
Guitar is in relatively cool room but not played it yet today.

I’m in England on the border with Wales. 35 degrees now. It’ s a bit cooler than yesterday. I always keep my guitars in their cases apart from the one i’m playing at any given time. Yesterday i put them in the hall, in their cases, because that was the coolest place in the house. Humidity has been around 35% for a some days now so i’m a bit bothered about them. I was told guitars would be ok in the uk though. I am looking at humidifiers and might try one to see what they are like. Anyone in the uk use them ? :sunglasses::sunrise_over_mountains:

I wouldn’t worry too much guys. 35 degrees is pretty hot for the UK, but hardly unusual in other parts of the world. Guitars are played everywhere, and I’m pretty sure most are not made for specific climates.

Temperature changes make the wood expand and contract which is why the guitar goes out of tune, but unless those changes are very extreme and happen very quickly then it won’t do any damage. That’s why you don’t leave your guitar in direct sunlight… or put it in the freezer… but room temperature should be absolutely fine, even if it’s high.

Also consider the numerous other things that are made from wood, such as furniture. You don’t see tables and chairs suddenly cracking, warping and falling apart on a hot day… so why would your guitar be any different? :slight_smile:

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It’s just topped 40° here, absolutely melting!!!
Lying on the tiled floor in the kitchen, that’s about the coolest place to get :joy: Upstairs is near 40° so it’s either take Aircon upstairs or sleep in the kitchen :joy::joy::joy:

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Because the construction and load bearing is quite different, try sitting on the top of your guitar and see!

Ok, that’s the right mindset then🤣
Just wondering

The guitar sounded quite good after a tune.
But fingers didn’t want to work with me.
Maybe tomorrow

That’s a bit like my vocals :wink:


So out of tune it’s funny!

We’re just not geared up for the weather here as most homes just don’t have air con. My living room is currently a very muggy 29 degrees C.

I’m finding it real hard to play with clammy, sticky hands.

@Notter You could always have a go at trying the acoustic part on the Rolling Stones song “It’s the Singer not the Song”.

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Worth a go!! :wink:

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I wouldn’t worry too much, either. Yes, it’s very hot now at several places, but it’s not like spending hours in a row under stage lighting where it can get pretty hot indeed.

This is my first summer with air conditioning at home, the temperature in the room where my guitars are kept is 27-30°C. Before I had the AC installed, it may have been warmer by 2-3°C but it didn’t hurt the guitars. If I leave them for 2 or 3 days, I have to re-tune anyway regardless of the season.

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