How Do You Amend **ABOUT ME** on iPhone

@LievenDV @Richard_close2u

I have been trying to help @sairfingers Gordon update his About Me mini profile but I think he only has access via his mobile/cellphone which is an iPhone.

I tried to talk him through the process based on what I see on my Samsung A22 ( btw I added some clarity here for future users)

OK on my Samsung
tap your avatar photo top right
hit the head/shoulders silhouette top right
hit preferences
you should see two drop down menus preference and account
hit account
then profile
that should bring up the About Me dialogue box
add text and check in preview panel below

but he is not seeing the same options.

Can you guys shed any light on how this works on iPhone and then perhaps leave this as a sticky for future reference ? Do we have stickies ?

The full dialogue is here, if you need more info



I’ve managed to change my ‘about me’ mini profile but not via your suggestions as I still can’t get that to work.

I accessed it via a link in an email I got from ‘system via JustinGuitar’ entitled ‘thank you for spending time with us’.

The issue, other than access, is that ‘about me’ only has space for a couple of lines so not much opportunity to say much. Perhaps that’s deliberate, there is plenty space to witter on in road case!:joy:

Thanks for all your work Toby. Sorry if I’m giving you problems!

Gordon glad you got it sorted.

Sorry about pagination using voice to text on phone. Yes it’s limited space, so you need to put a summary of who you are or what you are about. I think the idea of Lievan’s Dirty Dozen was to try and flush out these kind of issues. So the 12 us and Richard have some limited knowledge of how things works. So yes, we were just trying to break it and populate it but also learning. So we can provide some help to the people, coming across to the new platform. Would have been nice to have longer testing to learn more but it is what it is. Absolutely no problem, just doing my bit to help and more than happy to do so. :sunglasses:

Now that’s better !

Don’t you just love voice-to-text. Sometimes fall stop comes out like full stop if you’re lucky… full stop.

Hey, I’ve now even managed to include a link to my RC and a sort of watermark background photo!

Forum, what was that? :smiley:

@sairfingers did you put a picture in the User Background box at the bottom of the profile section ? If not it must be picking up a default background from somewhere. I dropped my MMS banner in mine, so that is the background you’ll see, so you can change it.

:rofl: I’ve just read the Voice to Text post !! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
I think I’d better edit that in case folks think I am Victor Meldrew !! That was "bit to " help you !!. LMAO !