How Gibson Acoustic Guitar are built

If you’ve ever wanted to see how acoustic guitars are built here a quick video from Gibson’s new Bozman MO plant


Its always interesting to see how guitars are constructed. Thanks for sharing this. :smiley:

Great video. I love watching skilled people making things.

Very interesting, thanks for sharing. Now I know why they cost so much. :smiley:

Great share Rick and a great soundtrack. Looking forward to Episode 2 but may also take look at the Season 1 playlist as well. Only downside…the Gas in burbling again ! :rofl:

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I love this sort of thing. Gives a real insight into why premium guitars cost what they do. A mixture of using machines where appropriate along with the hands of experts to make something special. It used to be that the Discovery Channel made a ton of shows like this until they switched to making a load of low IQ “reality” shows instead :frowning:

Aaaargh… now i really really really want one… But how to sell this to my other significant self… that will be something else…
Thanks for sharing this little jewel!

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An acoustic version of Cherry the Headless LP !

:scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

Just need to remind the other half that I currently have 13 guitars. :rofl:


Toby you can always tell your wife you suffer from Triskaidekaphobia and that you need to add another guitar to your collection to get away from the number 13. :sunglasses: I am sure your wife will understand.


@stitch Rick - Just watched Season 1 from the Gibson USA factory. Fascinating to watch the process end to end, especially with my three babies sitting by the side of the desk ! Looking forward to the rest of Season 2. Thx again for the post.


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@TheMadman_tobyjenner there’s some really cool shows on Gibson TV . I just watch Slash with his guitar collection on Gibson TV. If you have an hours to kill it’s a very interesting show.

Yeah I see there is 11 in The Collection series playlist. Beats regular TV ! :rofl:

I’ll definitely be watching this one but not tonight.


Rick, S02E02 now available :+1:


Thanks for posting Toby. Bozman is only about 800km south of me. One of these days I’d like to drive down to Montana and visit the new Gibson acoustic plant.

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Dropped on one last night showing the Takamine factory in Japan. Very different approach with a mix of old and new tech.

I love seeing these factory videos. The Martin factory tour videos are brilliant, it’s great seeing the hands on craftsmanship of these highly skilled people.:ok_hand:

Great watch. Thanks for sharing Toby.

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Season 2 Episode 3


Thx Rick, for some reason I did not get the nudge from YT, thought I’d subbed the channel!

That was a really interesting watch. Thanks for the share Rick.

Got to even that out Toby. :wink: