How is everyone importing/organising their posts from the old forum?

Hey everyone,
Interested in how people are importing and organising their posts from the old forum.
I was thinking about just creating a Roadcase and dumping them in there. Basically, just want an anniversary post of mine and my few AVOYPS.
Cheers, Shane.


If you have a look at my AOVYP entry
The Madman's Back Catalogue of JGC Recordings
you will see that I have used a copy of my Roadcase “back catalogue” update which already had the links to my Soundcloud account.

The ones I recorded this year have mostly been on YouTube so I used the Playlist I created for my The Madman’s Diary series and posted here

My Roadcase was just a matter of bringing the entries over in copy & paste fashion but with out the comments and replies, just the salient bits. But because there was some tidying up to do, as I had change the site I used to host my photo’s, I actually dumped into a word doc before pasting it over here.

Hope that gives you some ideas but I am sure those that have transferred stuff across already,
taken a slightly different approach.



A RC topic is a good idea, Shane. You’ll find things copy and paste easily from the old site, other than emojis.

The emojis were ones of the reason I edited in word, they contain links to the “old” forum and will become redundant in time. So while I was editing the bulk of the text it was an opportunity to delete them. :sunglasses:

Thanks @DavidP @TheMadman,

I’ve had a look at both your imports. You’ve brought them across seamlessly. Very well done.

Luckily for me, I have nowhere near the volume of content you guys have to port over.
Seems a Roadcase would be the way to go.

Thanks again for the advice