How To Change Strings On An Electric Guitar [1/2]

Learning to restring a guitar is a lot easier than you might first think. If you are taking it to your local store to get it done, now is the time to learn.

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Done my first ever strings change following this leasson. Thx you =).

This video could benefit a lot from recording it again. The parts when the camera tries to focus on the tuning keys are too blurry.

Anyway, thank you for the lesson. Really really useful

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You are right. I went to YT in the end as the quality is not really good enough to see what is happening.

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It’s a snap on my electric guitar with locking tuners. A little harder on the acoustic with regular tuners, particularly getting the high E string to stay in the tuner while I try to get a couple of turns to hold it in place.

I have changed strings without issue in the past, new guitar has vintage tuners with a hole down the centre of the peg and a slot through daimater of the peg rather than a hole.

The string ends are down the holes in the centre of the peg.

So would appreciate guidance on this, off to look up on youtube

Hi there,

Why don’t you post a picture here of the setup? It would be easier to tell if we could see the tuners.

Ebay pcture of same guitar

I found these images with the strings visible in the slot and the hole in the middle:


And a video:

Hope it helps :wink:

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Thanks, the fear factor in now reducing, not sure if Justin might want to add to his existing videos regarding changing strings. But now this readily available in the community… :grinning:

Heres the video I found.e