How to get rid of finger noise on guitar string

OK lifting and putting on string etc does not work for me
because I have a song that I need to move on string back and forth for a long time
how to get id of the string noise?

Your video seems to show that you are maintaining almost full pressure on the strings while moving between frets. Not only does that produce the loud sliding noise, it also makes the movement difficult and jerky, not to mention contributing to sore fingers.

You don’t have to remove your fingers from the strings entirely, but practice releasing most of the pressure as you slide them up and down between frets. The noise will be greatly reduced, the movement will be easier and smoother, and your fingers will thank you.

Still, it is noisy in front of a condenser mic so noisy . Have played guitar for the last 40 years but can’t make it but I am new with acoustic guitar.

A condenser mic will pick up EVERYTHING but I agree you’re applying too much pressure during your slide. What are you trying to play?

Sounds like California Dreaming or something similar.

@iguitaryou Tom, I’d concur way too much pressure you are strangling the neck. Follow Ross’ advice but if you are picking individual notes you also need to mute with your picking hand. Have you watched Justin’s lesson on string muting ?


Music that is basically made for piano . I know some techniques to make it less noisy but things are not nice. Will try to approach the music in other ways.

Also one reason is that my finger tips are too soft I have always played with nylon string so the acoustic strings will go deep into my flesh.

Its not the softness, you are not releasing the strings so they keep ringing as you slide to the next note. Release the tension/grip, lift slightly, move, fret/grip, pick. Wash rinse repeat.

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Hello, I guess I got the same problem. Did you find any training method to make it better? Or anyone? Please?

Read the whole tread for more info…

Hi Michal,
I’m going to buy new strings this weekend, but maybe you’ll be a little wiser if you read that whole thread… I don’t think there’s anything more to say about it than, good practice and a lot of practice and working on your touch and practice , and sometimes can other strings help you :sweat_smile:, I have deliberately waited a while with new strings and am also waiting for a while because i want to first learn to deal with my new guitar and situation much more consciously, but I will certainly switch to new strings in a few weeks…
I hope this helps

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