How to Link Guitar Chords using Scales

This simple trick uses bass notes to connect guitar chords. That adds movement and interest to your playing!

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Morning, Justin mentions a TAB at the end of the video, I can’t see a link to the TAB in the description

I can’t find the link to the tab. Thanks.

Did you review the chromatic scale in an earlier video, or is this exercise the chromatic scale? I do like this, however.

a little hard getting that strumming, rhythm and picking down -any pointers?

ok - i got it. For the C to G : Strum 4 bars C / Strum 2 bars C , pick E ,pick A / pick G, Strum G 3 bars / Strum 2 bars G, pick A, pick E / pick C, Strum 3 bars C / Strum 2 bars C, pick E, pick A / …

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Yes! Love this lesson, but cannot find where the aforementioned Tab might be located?

Bit tricky, could really do with the TAB

where’s the tab ? he doesn’t even try to tell the name of the notes while playing.

I think your supposed to try and work it out for yourself. Get a bit of TAB paper and see what notes link A to C or whatever. That’s what I’m doing anyway, it’s fun and forces you to think about scales and the relationship to chords
EDIT : I’ve been playing around with these for the A to D (i’ve got a couple for the others but i’m still fiddling with those)


Welcome to the community Chris. @spev11
That’s the best way to learn.
Figuring thinks out for yourself with a little guidance will stick
with you for life. Good job.


Cheers stitch, my only struggle now is making it not sound country and western (not a bad thing but not my thing) :grinning:

How do you find the TAB for this?

If you mean empty manuscript paper, Justin has it on the website:

But I guess you meant the actual tab of what’s being played in the lesson. I think spev11 nailed it - try to figure it out on your own, you might even stumble on something that’s not lesson related but sounds cool! Just spend some time on it and you’ll learn lots of cool things :).

I did not watch the lesson but as it seems Justin mentions to check the tab on the website, so I guess this will be added at some point?


Can do this is straight time (bass strum) but Justin is doing a nice little swinging strum for most of this that I can’t replicate. Any tips?

Oddly I can do the swing time without any problems but cant do it straight or with alternate bass notes without fumbling. Like everything It takes me a little practice and perseverance.
I’d suggest getting the swing strum feel without doing the links first maybe? Thats what worked for me, I already could do the swingy pattern so it fell in easily

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The way I understand it is that you “link” the 2 chords by running either up or down between them using notes that both scales have in common. Between C and G those could be (note: not ‘should’ be) A and B. Between A and D chords, the notes B and C# spring to mind. Justin does mention them, but I don’t think you should focus too much on tabs because the point seems to be to experiment with the linking notes, and learn your fretboard in the process. Sometimes no common note seems available that works, and to solve this you find a chromatic that sounds good.


Welcome to the community Gert.
You are 100% correct.


Could someone point me to the alternating bass line lesson Justin mentions in Grade 2 . Looked , but for the life in me can’t find it.
As an aside, I did the ‘old’ beginners course but check out the new lessons as there is more stuff on the new course I still find interesting.

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Welcome to the Community.

I was wondering the same thing as I am doing the same as you. Playing catch up on all the additional material and hit this today. Can’t find the Grade 2 lesson either. :sleepy:

@Richard_close2u or @LievenDV

Any pointers chaps.