How to Play Greensleeves on the Guitar

Learning this chord arrangement is great practice for beginners playing melody lines!

View the full lesson at How to Play Greensleeves on the Guitar | JustinGuitar

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Justin mentions that there are additional chord melody songs & tabs on the web site. How can I find them? I don’t see a filter for “chord melody”.
Thank you in advance.

I have the same question.

Hi Frank @frankammiro and Hi Ray, @roskin22 …

Welcome here :sunglasses:
Do you mean this? And maybe the lesson below will help a little too…
I hope it helps,
Greetings rogier

Hi Rogier - I think Frank and Ray are referring to what Justin says around 16:07 mark in the video lesson.

@frankammiro @roskin22

Maybe this one Hallelujah [Melody] by Leonard Cohen | could keep you going with learning to play melodies?

Hi James,
I see/hear it…still way too hot in here to think properly :roll_eyes:…sorry guys for this empty help…i’ve done a few melody lessons like that , but the head is inactive now :woozy_face: … I simply can’t think of it … but help will come, otherwise it will probably come back to me later … good luck with the search I’ll help you a little longer :sunglasses:
Greetings ,Rogier

Edit: iig that yes…and there are more

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I would do a search on the main website for Melodies but the list of results goes haywires when I scroll down :upside_down_face: Maybe a suggestion for the team to add melodies to the filter for the song list? I could see a few lessons pop up for melodies but they seemed to be grades 5 and onwards.

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I did the same :joy:
I watched these lessons … with the guitar in my hand … but it didn’t go well after playing the guitar for a year and a half… :roll_eyes: :joy:

[Here’s another module with some melody]

Do you have anything with this? I’ll stop for now…just let me know…Just one more

This is better

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Could someone explain the key? After trying to figure it out for the past hour, my best guess is A minor. But I’m confused that it contains all the notes G, G#, F, and F#. Is it common to jump between the natural/harmonic/melodic minor all in one song, if that is what’s going on here?

I just started this module a couple days ago and will continue to practice of course, but wow this seems like a big leap to be able to play through Greensleeves at this beginner stage :astonished:

I think it will be a long time before getting this one down


It takes some time but certainly worth tackling.

We’re definitely in the key of Am.

The first part of the chord progression (Am, G, F, E) is called an Andalusian Cadence, which has a typical Spanish/Flamenco sound because of the E major.

The melody notes over the G and F chords are G and F, which belong to the A natural minor scale. Over the E major chord we play F# and G# melody notes that we borrow from the A melodic minor scale.

This article explains the use of both scales in Greensleeves in more detail if you’re up for it.

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Way, way more fun than Happy Birthday :wink:

I am a non neurotypical twice exceptional, specifically ADHD and high functioning ASD. The lessons are becoming hard for me to follow and learn from in these later modules. I think it might help people like me if it was more direct. its hard for me to process the information the way its presented, even though I know its not that difficult of subject matter


@crspears Hello, you might try to break it down like this:

  • learn the melody line on its own first and memorise it
  • once you can play it confidently add the bass notes and the other notes within the chord as the Tab suggests, and learn to play it just with block chords
  • once confident with that decide where it sounds good to have a rolling chord instead of a block chord.

Please take this little bit of advice only if it makes sense to you, and you think it might be an easier approach.

By the way…those rolling chords are pretty tricky and required me soo much practice and perseverance!

So I use the F barre chord and as Justin mentions, if I play it right, I should be able to lift my 2nd finger up and still get a tone from the 3rd string on fret 1.
However it seems impossible for me to do it, and by impossible i really mean impossible… I feel like I´m about to break my guitar.
I could place my fretting finger a bit higher so my knuckle presses down on the third string but it just looks and feels very awkward.

Any tips? :smiley:

Hi Francis,
welcome ,
And despite this I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:,…the best tip I can give you is,…practice,.what helps me is what Justin explains in other lessons that you put your focus on the middle part of your finger,…not a little bit but really a deeper focus,…the first few times it really didn’t help,…but after practice, yes, you get it,…more practice…
I’ve been working on this relatively easy song longer than desired,…it won’t work without 3 big mistakes, so I’m going to practice a bit more :grimacing:

I wonder it is when the lyrics go like “was all my delight”. If that’s the case I changed the fingering there, as it was too difficult to do as Justin does. If I remember well there’s an E chord there, or immediately after…put down the E chord shape and get the notes you need out of it…you need to put down pinky too there. Hope it helps.

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Hey Roger…this happens to me with all the songs :see_no_evil:…nevermind :woman_shrugging::laughing::wink:

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