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Don't start playing if you don’t know how to tune your guitar! Get used to the right sound! :)

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I have a G-force tuner built-in to my guitar, do you have any experience with these? How accurate are they?

@dhh welcome to the community Hugh
Yes the built-in tuner in your guitar is just fine.
Enjoy your guitar journey

i use the guitartuna app, is it fine?

Hello @Kenny6 welcome to the Community.
I haven’t used it but many people do and it works fine.

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I am brand brand new to guitar playing, I bought this one Ortega OCST-1BK Clip On Tuner and it seems to be doing OK. :slight_smile:

Hi John, as you’ll hear Justin say many times, if it sounds good, it IS good! Same with that clip-on tuner. Welcome to the Community! Feel free to drop an introductory post here #community-hub:introduce-yourself. We all enjoy getting a bit of backstory from new members - what brings you here, when did you start playing, what do you want to be able to play, what kind of guitar you have, etc.

I’m trying my best to tune my guitar through online resources but I am not convinced it is right yet. :confused: My guitar (fender strat) tends to sound like the recordings I’m listening to online but deeper and not as bright or brassy as the examples (accoustic). I can’t figure out if this is just a difference in sound based on the guitar or whether I’m doing something wrong. Any possible clarity on this would be appreciated. :grinning:

Hard to tell without hearing it. Post a recording?

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I don’t know how to post a recording but I appreciate the thought! :smiley: I hope to get the right battery for my old guitar tuner tomorrow.

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If that doesn’t work, you can post a link to SoundCloud, YouTube, or Dropbox.


Try checking your individual strings against these reference tones from Justin:

Then check simple chords against these references from Justin:

Hope that helps.

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I had to re-string my old guitar, so I tuned it roughly to the standard tuning by ear (using the app mentioned on this website) and then used a clip-on tuner to get the exact tuning. I also noticed that I have to keep tuning up the thinner strings once every few days. Why is that?

Hi Ashwini and welcome to the Community.

Good question. When you restring the guitar the windings on the tuning pegs have to settle down or bed in and the result is reduced tension, thus you need to retune. One the strings have bedded in on the pegs the tuning will be more stable and may need just a little or no adjustment at all. To speed to process up you can “stretch” the strings, just pulling up gently in the middle of the fret board. This doesn’t actually stretch the strings but tightens the windings and gets them bedded in quicker. BUT be careful “stretching” B and e !!

Hope that helps.




Thanks, that really helps! :slight_smile:

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I have a free tuner app for my electrical guitar that I downloaded a year ago.

Sometimes the recordings will be tweaked for the Albums/Single.

For example Cigarettes and Alcohol (Oasis) is in the key of E (starts off with an E chord) but the pitch is higher on the album due to post processing in production.

So you watch your favourite Justin lesson or have a search on Ultimate Guitar for tabs and they both agree it’s in E. You come to play along and like you say the pitch doesn’t match, may be due to this?

At 06:20 the chapter is called “restring your guitar twice”, I think it should be “retune your guitar twice”?

Hi @mchampanis and welcome to the community.

You were absolutely right - thank you for the keen eyes and the alert.
I have now edited the Chapter heading accordingly.

I’ve read that it is better to start tuning with the 6th string first.