Howdy y'all, Kevin here from Houston, TX!

Hello to all my fellow guitarists. I’ve been following Justin’s Beginner course since March of this year and finally got around to breaking more out of my shell and jumping into the community. Having been away from the guitar for over 30 years it was invigorating to pick it up again and to have this amazing course laid out by Justin. It has reignited the passion I have for music in general and now I’m equally as fortunate to see such a vibrant community of others on the same path that I am taking.

Now if anyone has any advice on how to control this gear addiction that is slowly trying to creep up on me it would be greatly appreciated.



Howdy Kevin, glad to have you along.

Got some bad news for you, GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) is an infectious disease for which there is no cure. You’ll be encouraged by the GAS affected people here to dive in :rofl:

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Welcome! Glad to have fellow addicts here!

You realize, of course, that you just asked the junkies how to go straight. Ain’t happening.

I talk myself out of buying a guitar every day.

I tell myself that when I can play well enough to know what I really will want in a guitar, I will then upgrade. But first I need to be able to play the one I have.

I expect to add this “holding off of gear buying” effort to fail spectacularly one day.

But then I will tell myself that failing to not buy a guitar is better than failing to learn to play. Right?


Currently I’ve limited myself to one electric and one acoustic guitar but it is tough whenever I walk into my local guitar shop to not go a little crazy. Although the experience now of being able to pick up any guitar and at least play something takes the edge off.

Time to start busking on the street corners for gear money!

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Welcome to the Community, Kevin.

You know what they say: the right number of guitars to have is the current number plus one :sweat_smile:

Look forward to hearing from you as you progress, with playing and GASsing

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Welcome, Kevin. Always nice to see another Texan around here. (I’m in Spring.)

The only treatment for GAS is buying some gear. And the relief is temporary; GAS is a chronic condition.

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Welcome Kevin and unfortunately there is no cure for GAS and it will probably get worse.

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Hi Kevin and welcome to the Community. Good to see you’ve not only restarted again but getting a buzz out of the experience. As to that question ? Let me know when you find out !



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Welcome, Kevin. Many of us have returned to guitar after a long absence. You know what they say about absence…

As for GAS, the only known cure is to become such an accomplished player the manufacturers send you instruments and stuff for free.

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Hi Kevin, good luck with your return to guitar and I look forward to seeing more of you here. As for GAS I have no advice, I’m a year in and its got me really bad. But lets not forget the long suffering partners of people affected by it. My wife caught me looking at pictures of hummingbirds and thinline telecasters over christmas and she’s had to hide my bankcard to save me from myself :slightly_smiling_face:

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My brother-in-law and his family lived in Spring so I’m somewhat familiar with that part of town. I know there’s a Guitar Center up there, any other shops you can recommend?

Welcome Kevin. @DavidP beat me to the correct number of guitars to own. GAS is an ongoing battle for many if us. Some keep it under control better than others. :wink: Enjoy the journey

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Hi Kevin! Nice to meet you!

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First he asks how to control the GAS, then he asks were the good guitar stores are!:man_facepalming:t3:
Just remember to post pictures of your new guitar!:rofl:


And nice to meet you as well!

hi @kdickson519 and welcome! New guitar upcoming? pics or it didn’t happen!

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They say timing is everything and my company is paying out a bonus next week so…

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I like Texas Music Emporium; I’ve done a lot of business with them. And Fullers, depending on what I’m looking for. Great Southern Music. I tend to avoid Guitar Centers. I just don’t like the vibe, there. If you’re ever in San Antonio, Guitar Tex is worth checking out.

Hey Kevin, I’m also from the area (close the Sugarland/Missouri City area). I also have limited myself to one electric and one acoustic but I tried to get gear I would be satisfied with for awhile to keep me from wanting to buy more. So far its worked out but it’s a daily struggle.

What shops do you go to? I’ve lived in the Houston area for a few years but I’ve only been to Music Go Round and Guitar Center.