Hurt – Johnny Cash's version

Thank you, Kevin. Indeed, Johnny Cash put his soul into this song and it hits hard.
Actually, I already gave Wonderful Tonight a try. Such a beautiful song. But I played arpeggios with alternate picking too. Look at it kinda like an exercise as well.
And I’m trying to play as often as possible, but in my position now it’s not always possible.

Bravo Artem ! Sounds very good. Everything is very solid. Love it. :pray: :pray: :pray:

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Ever so well played, Artem, excellent job on the alternate picking.

As an idea rather than playing the last chord that isn’t there you could try just tapping the beats on the guitar body.

Keep on keeping on!


Thank you, appreciate it.
I agree that playing Am in the end isn’t the best option, just a beat or single note melody mimicking the vocal melody would be better. But overall this take was the best. I recorded about 8 ok takes and more then 10 failed ones.

Hi Artem,

I know I started this,

… but apparently the last sung note is the A. Maybe just land on the A string rather than the full chord…

You learn from every recording - the not OK ones and the OK ones.

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That was a wonderful bit of playing Artem. Nice switching between picking and strumming. Timing was great.

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True. That’s how I come up with the version I played. Because at first it sounded too repetitive without vocal, so after a few tries I added alteration to D and put more dynamic into chorus.

Thanks. :smiling_face:

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This is great - well played - you nailed the timing

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Thanks, Andreas! Really appreciate it.