Hurt – Johnny Cash's version

Hello everyone!
That’s the first song that I learned completely


because it’s super easy and doesn’t have a solo :sweat_smile:
And I was learning riffs and playing with tabs instead of actually learning songs from start to finish.

But it still took some time to master the alternating picking during verses. And even after all this time and more than dozen takes there are some little mistakes. Though it’s good enough to share.


Artem that was very good, well done! Definitely well under your fingers and you have a good sense of timing. Stellar job!

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Hi Artem, well done! I can only repeat what Adrien already has written. Nice listen!

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Nice one Artem, sounding really good there.

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Thanks. Yeah, now I feel pretty confident about it, but alternate picking took quite some time to play without looking.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you. Your cover is also great. And I can’t sing at the same time, too complicated.

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This will come, for sure :wink:!

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Hi Artem,
That was nice and a perfect one for your first whole song :sunglasses: :clap: :clap:
This is really a big step :sunglasses:

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Well done, keep it up your doing very well so far!

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Hello Artem, that was really, really good :star_struck:.
Congrats on your first song - great job :+1::clap::partying_face:.

I’m so happy for you, that you learned a whole song :smiley:. While it’s great fun to play riffs, I think it’s much more rewarding to play a song from start to finish. At least, that’s my personal experience :smiling_face:.

You did very well on the alternate picking. I like to use this technique too, as it makes the melody more interesting. But yes, it’s a challenge - and it takes time :slightly_smiling_face:.

I also liked the dynamics, you put in at the end of the song. This made it even more emotional.

Keep on the great work :smiley::+1:.

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Thanks mate. I still play the song quite a bit, it’s one I’ve kept in the repertoire as a campfire song.


very fine picking, and good timing. This is a very favourite song of mine, and every two years i get to discover another part of it that I got wrong in the last iteration. In part because the original version there are actually two guitars playing, with slight contrasts, one on the left and one of the right, and these differences pop out when one wants to cover it with a single guitar.

I Like the dynamics of your version, in the last chorus ist important to emphasise the high g throughout, you could try getting there by fingering the G chord in the high strings as 1st string 3rd fret, 2nd string 3rd fret, and hitting the high strings more clearly on the beat and reserve the low strings for the off-beats. Like you I have always wanted to play the Am after the final G chord, but its simply not there - only in the first chorus to get back to the verse. It ends on that fat G, as teh last words are spoken / sung over that last dying chord.

And, dare I say as an encouragement, how much nicer it would be if you would sing it!


Sounded really good, you are doing well.

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Thank you, Rogier.

Actually, it’s now easier for me to play with alternate picking. It took quite a lot of time, but now it helps to keep time and it feels very natural and fluent.

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That’s a great pice of feedback, thank you.
I combined a lot of different lessons into my version, made verses less repetitive. Paul Davids made a great video about it.
I know that there’s no Am in the end, but without words this G doesn’t feel right. Maybe I should’ve tried a little melody line instead.
And one day I definitely will post “upgraded” cover with singing. If I won’t foget, I’ll tag you.

Great job, Artem! With this beautiful melody, a person can immediately know the song. Like some others have said, I liked the dynamics at the ending chorus. I thought you did really well on the alternating picking. All in all, well done.

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Thanks, Pamela. Yea, I also like dynamic in this song. It’s crucial for the song, especially without vocal. And that’s a great thing about acoustic guitars, all the sound is in your hands.

Nicely done, Artem! That was one of the first songs I learned on steel as well. I cry when I hear Johnny sing it, especially when watching the music video. Other people cry when I sing it, but for different reasons :slight_smile:

If you want to try your hand at finger picking, I highly recommend Justin’s lesson for Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight. That was an early one for me as well. Keep at it, and pick that guitar up every day, even if you only have 5 or 10 minutes.

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