I Fell Over; Skyscraper Stan

Another great song from Mr.Larsen! :metal:
Can just Echo what the others have allready said. Keep it up!!

And oh… Happy B-day :grin::partying_face::grin:


Thanks for the warm up Brian, I hope you’ll be back for OM22.

Well the days arrived, feeling any different ?


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Another good slice of performance there Brian!

Well then, 60 has arrive and guess what? The innkeeper is now half dead! LOL - That is, if you live to be 120. All kidding aside, if it has not happened already. Soon will be the day you wake up that is rare, when nothing hurts! Preventing falling becomes a major endeavor and you work on music projects to keep your mind sharp and sort of working! Yes, I have and am doing all these things. So I speak from experience! Next one up on my end is 70. Thankfully that is about 3 plus years off!

Look at the bright side mate. They say wisdom comes with age! Of course some of them “they folks”, lie!

Be well and long live the singing innkeeper!

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Hi Brian,
Did I miss this while I was busy with something else :roll_eyes:… I think it’s a standard okay song so :clap: :sunglasses:…but I don’t get the feeling that I’m listening to something new… and of course that’s not necessary. not at all because there are others who tap from the same keg always and you do enough different, but after your last song I had ...well Im not in the right mood to put it into words properly …I hope I don’t sound too negative :blush:

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Dynamic performance, Brian!
Simply great!
And I also want to say: You, young man, have preserved yourself very well for being 60. Keep it up :yum:


Goodness, I’ve not been keeping up with my homework…
This’ll be too many to tag in a single post :roll_eyes:

@amandaw57 Cheers for the listen and applause, Amanda :smiley:

Thanks @Socio and @skinnyt much appreciated on both fronts :wink:

Cheers @DavidP :smiley: I appreciate you noticing the effort I put into the ‘phrasing’ and ‘pulling faces’ :laughing: Nothing comes naturally and it’s all practice. As you know I’m a low-hanging-fruit guy and often think you get more bang for your buck by concentrating less on the playing and more on the performance. The downside is of course slower progress on the guitar skill side, which is why it’s always good to have a Dutchman at your back, holding laurels over your head muttering “You too are mortal” :rofl:
I misread your black dog gif as Happy GOTH birthday, which was equally cool :sunglasses:

Ta @Eddie_09 Had a cracking family weekend :smiley:

The Dude actually listened towards the end :rofl:
Vielen Dank, mein Freund :smiley:

Haha, this lazy bones just added a bit of Trio+ and said that’ll have to do the Scotsman :rofl:
Cheers mate :smiley:

@andyPlays Vielen Dank, Andreas (siehe oben :laughing:)

@nzmetal Cheers, Jeff, much appreciated. I’m all recovered and ‘back to normal’ now :laughing:


@tRONd The Dude has the same good taste in films as well as music :wink:
Mange tak min ven :smiley:

You’re welcome @TheMadman_tobyjenner
There’s a good chance I might ‘Catch 22’ :roll_eyes: :rofl:

@LBro Thanks for dropping by, listening, commenting and the free advice :rofl:
I’ve long ago come to terms with my morbidity/mortality and part of me is really looking forward to singing a duet with Charon as we sail across the Styx. Just not… yet :rofl: :skull: :rowing_man:

Tbh @roger_holland that does not surprise me at all.
Most of my ‘guitar-time’ for the last couple of months has been spent fiddling with projects, or else trying to get better at alternate base picking, which is proving more difficult than I anticipated :roll_eyes:
I felt like a simple old strum ‘n’ sing song like the good ol’ days, so chose this :smiley:
The song as I play it, lives purely from its witty, off-kilter lyrics and internal rhymes & rhythm. No chorus or bridge. I don’t even play the more interesting fingerstyle of the original, with variation between the verses. I know you like the song, as I shared it before, but take your point that it could be presented a lot better.
Another reason for sharing is to keep spreading the word on this cool musician, who still performs his original compositions for free in pubs :open_mouth:
Wait till the day I share Man Misunderstood, which has eleven! verses with no variation :rofl:

@crocodile1 Ah, Leo, we meet again (3rd time today! :rofl:)
Thank you for the compliments- musical and otherwise :wink:


The dude abides :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi Brian,
Thank you for your comment(s) :sweat_smile: and :joy:…and The Skyscraper certainly deserves some extra attention and as for that 11 verse song :scream:…then maybe drink an alcoholic drink first after a long, long time :grin: :upside_down_face:


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I will…
And it will be Skyscraper himself paying the tab :rofl:


I fell over!



Oh verrry funnnny, maestro! :roll_eyes: :rofl:



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Ha! I really like this one! guitar gave me a “White rabbit” vibe (bass): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WANNqr-vcx0

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Another easy listening Brian classic.

Did I read that comment above right - you’ve invited skyscraper to your house? This is your thing right - find an indie artist, become a fan and learn their songs, cook them dinner? :joy:


Maybe one day I’ll be that indie artist if I stick with Justin’s programme :smiley:


Try to figure out if he’s a good cook first :wink:


Maybe a good soundtrack for the next tough and dusty Western to come out of Hollywood. …wrong end of the gun, dead man’s lament. Enjoyed your excellent performance!

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Well we know he can make irish soda bread


Aw, thanks @LievenDV much appreciated :smiley:
Gotta love that white rabbit :laughing:

Haha, everyone’s always invited! :laughing:
There was a period where I had the spare bedroom on Airbnb and couchsurfing(dot)com simultaneously, so depending on which site you enquired through, you were charged or it was free.
But you’re right, I did indulge in a bit of (carefully crafted) stalking…
I sent him a link to my cover of Last Year’s Tune and he seemed pleased, as no one had ever covered it before (surprise, surprise). When he mentioned he was planning to visit the UK this year, how could I not try to sneak in a cheeky housegig? :rofl:

@Rmking60 Cheers Robert :smiley: Love me a good western and esp. a good western tune!
Unfortunately there’s been quite a delivery delay on my birthday tele for the twang :wink:

@Socio All guests ‘with bread- get bread’ :sunglasses: