I had a Dream, Joe (cover)

Goodness, too many posts over Christmas to catch up on, so I’m neither going to try, nor feel guilty about interacting in a haphazard way. You know I love you all even if I don’t react as folk deserve :wink:

Well, Santa got the message via my missus & Chris that I should be dragged into next level recording (albeit still minimalist) by bringing me an improved webcam and a usb mic.
As always, one small change causes another problem and I was initially stumped what platform I can record video and audio from different sources on?
Distant memory bells went off in my cavernous cranium and and I recalled the acronym OBS…
Well, a number of clicks and cul de sacs later, all seems to be up and running smoothly.
I was never unhappy with simple mobile phone recording for vox, but probably prefer the usb mic and it is quicker as I don’t have to email the recording to my pc :smiley:

Back to the song at hand-
I don’t think I have ever recorded any Nick Cave material.
He is one of my favourite artist and this is from Henry’s Dream, the album that got me into him some decades ago.
I screw up a chord on the outro, but really… do I look bovvered? :laughing:
Happy New Year, y’all! :partying_face: :tada:


For some weird reason this reminded me immediately of Bilbo’s declaration of knowing his fellow Hobbits in his 111th birthday speech, induced by yet another watch through of the extended versions of the trilogy.

Good job on the production, all sounded and looked good.

And like many folk here (I imagine) I’ve not listened to much Nick Cave (with or without the Bad Seeds). Do like Red Red Hand, great familiarty for many being the opening music from the Peaky Blinders series.

Now that avatar of yours, did you ever explain? Now I see it adorns your decorated strat. My guess is it’s a personal declaration, something like ‘I shall not be silenced’ but not sure about that second symbol. And of course that decalaration immediately triggers Gandalf addressing the Balrog.

Seems I am waffling more than usual, let’s blame it on being Old Year’s Day.

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Hi Brian,
So, you close the New Year with a happy tune :smiley:, not expected from you :grin:,

but it was a pleasure to listen to… :clap: :sunglasses: :bouquet:

I would like to convey my best wishes to you personally, also on behalf of my wife,… I hope to hear a lot from you in the new year, :sunglasses: :sunflower:


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Haha, I hope you won’t mind me not permitting my impish brain to find a suitable LOTR character for my South African friend; but I appreciate the thoughts :rofl:

Cheers for the listen and thumbs-up :smiley:

The key for axe-symbols can be found here (some more may have been written on a Midsummer’s eve under a crescent moon :wink:)

Regarding Herr Hoehlenniklaus und die Schlecten Samen, as my German friend likes to call them, they are one of the cornerstones of my musical world.
One of my favourite ‘accessable’ complete albums is No More Shall We Part
He also writes beautiful piano/violin soundscapes with Bas Seed, Warren Ellis. There are some gems on this

@roger_holland I’ll deal with you in a pm when I get the time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ha yep it all went a bit mental but nowt to feel guilty about Brian. My method has been to swiftly turn new posts into “unbold” entries in the Latest section, so I can see the wood from the trees, once the mojo resurfaces. I have read all but a smidgeon and listened to less. But had to dial in one last time in '22 when I saw this, nicely done sir.

All the new gear seems to be working fine, as does your good self. Not a song I know but all sounded pretty fine and delivered in your usual stylish aplomb.

All the best for 23 sir.

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Hi Brian. A fitting way to see out the old year and welcome in the new one.
Sung and played with your usual style, vigour and enthusiasm, I enjoyed your rendition of yet another song I don’t know (although I have heard of Nick Cave of course!).

New usb mic and webcam. No stopping you now my friend. Wishing you and yours all the very best in 2023.

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Great work Brian. A nice upbeat way to start the new year! Wishing you and all yours the very best for the coming year and beyond!

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Ah, thank you all very much lads, for the listen, as well as the positive comments.
I wonder will 2023 be the year this enthusiast moves beyond the simple sing and simple 4/4 strumming?
Who knows? :rofl:


You never know stranger things have happened :joy:. Have you just weaved a challenge in there Brian?

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Always good to see your smiling face! Even if you can’t keep up in the forum and it is like your chasing cars around, that are ahead of you. Heck, if no one will open the door and let you in, so be it. Just play and sing matey!

Now this particular number reminds me of a bunch of guys sitting around in an Irish pub, all set to start stomping the feet and getting into the groove! Nice job and great vibes!

Take good care and may 23’ be kind to you and yours!

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Very nice! It was fun to watch, and it looks like you’re having a great time. I couldn’t really tell if there was a mistake in the outro. Your smile is a great cover. :sunglasses: Happy 2023 to you and your family!

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A smile and a laugh goes a long way in this world :smiley: :laughing:
Appreciate you stopping by and commenting.
I’ll pass it on to my Trio house band :wink:
You have a good year too, brother!

See above ^^ and the same to you, sister :smiley: :wink:

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ooooh definitely a step up on production @brianlarsen Everything a bit more balanced. Nice song that you keep bouncing along with the strumming. Backing track is a definite plus for this one!

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@Rossco01 Cheers, Jason :smiley:
Recording simple video /mic via OBS is going to make life easier for me as I won’t have to send from phone to pc. Yay!
It’s weird that for more punky faster songs, I seem to find the Folk setting on the Trio is what I often wind up using. It gives that 1, 5 bouncy beat. Who’d have thunk it?
For most pop songs, I tend to use ‘country’. Do you have any ‘go-tos’?

Well you looked totally lost in that track Brian and you were giving it your all.

Very enjoyable stuff and sounding great on the new equipment. The guitar looks very cool as well.

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What a happy little tune with some very dark lyrics. :slight_smile:
A lot to like in the BL style and approach. Nice track to HAVE bouncing around in the background. Well done!

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@SgtColon Cheers mate
My vanity does make me consider what the performance ‘will look like’ :roll_eyes:
If I ‘give it my all’, I invariably go blank on the next lyric or chord :laughing:

@CT Haha, you know me well enough by now, man, to recognize my love of the dark side :sunglasses:
You’re one of the few voices out there preaching how we should all develop our own style, rather than how to play something the way (insert artist here) does.
Keep on truckin’ :smiley:


Well I missed the initial release of this one. Your video I mean, not the original.

Played and sang with passion, made for a great performance.

The new tech setup definitely enhanced the quality. Way better.

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Hi Brian also missed the boat but I got in for another round around North Sea :grinning: really great cover, sounded really good and such an energetic way of playing. Your new gadgets are definitely stepping up your game, what’s next on your list perhaps a condenser mic?! :grinning:

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What a cool looking guitar. But also, I found myself just, kinda getting lost like you seemed to be in this. Very solid, very fluid. Nice job man.

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