I really hate Winter

Andrea @helen0609, I’m with you on the seasonal changes. While I like the warm weather the best as I live near the ocean, I also snowboard so 3-4 months of cold snowy weather is fine. The view from the top of a mountain after getting fresh snow :heart_eyes: My snowboard&ski to guitar ratio is 1 for 1… at the moment.

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Helen I used to live in Poland when back in a day you could have had some nice wintery scenery and it was lovely. The thing is that in order for it to make enjoyable experience it needs to properly snow and the white thing needs to stick around for a few days. For that the place you are at needs to be properly prepared - sanding and salting machines, putting winter tyres on, if you live in a mountains having chains for your tyres, appropriate labour and funds for that matter etc etc.

As I live in the UK the issue is that it is not worth having this whole infrastructure in place for couple days a year of snowing, especially down south. Makes sense for the northern bits but I guess those follow what London is doing and are not super prepared. Also if you get only couple days of snow a year it is not the most exciting winter after all where everywhere around is doom and gloom, cold and usually wet (although last 2 weeks was quite dry over where I live). Therefore I can relate to what Ross is saying about not liking winter (at least here).

Hmmmm, before I retired I use to go on business trips to the UK and I thought it was dark, cold, wet, miserable in the summer. Sorry, had to do that. Love you all.


I should have invited you over to my house when it was 40 degrees this summer, bedroom temperature in 30s, lovely :sweat_smile:

Wow, I didn’t expect so many replies to a post getting a bit of misery off my chest. :exploding_head: Of course I already knew I’m not the only one suffering… many have it worse than me… but it’s nice to hear from others just the same… even the ones enjoying balmy temperatures right now! :unamused: Reading all the replies put a smile on my face anyway, so thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Tell me about it. I’m treating various areas for mould as part of my daily routine right now. It must be building up in areas I can’t get at, but there’s not much I can do about it. Drying clothes is also a nightmare, as sometimes they end up smelling of mould before they’re dry.

I hardly think it’s political to say that the UK is in crisis, because it is. I’m not blaming anyone or demanding anyone miraculously fix it… it is what it is, and we just have to live through it. I just felt the need to vent because I was, and still am, feeling pretty down with my current situation, that’s all. Guitar is more to me than just a hobby. It relieves stress, improves my mood, and keeps me sane, so not being able to play has a bigger impact mentally than some would think.

… every other house is festooned with strings of outdoor lights burning who-knows-how-much power while others freeze in unheated homes. Yep, makes no sense at all.

As a trade myself, I know bad workmanship when I see it. Yes this home was clearly built on the cheap by a rubbish, penny-pinching company, but the general quality of the workmanship is also abysmal throughout. I could have done better blindfolded.

Not at all. I genuinely like seasons, but the UK doesn’t really get them properly. It’s overcast and wet here most of the year round, so even in Summer we’re lucky to get a week or two of genuinely hot, sunny weather. There’s also a big difference between being snug in a warm, properly heated home during Winter, and having to wear two pairs of trousers, two t-shirts, a fleece-lined hoody, three pairs of socks, gloves, a woolly hat, and a fleece blanket just to stay warm on the sofa.

Thankfully plans are being made to move to my wife’s home country. There they have proper seasons with hot, dry Summers and cold snowy Winters, and energy bills low enough for heating to be a viable option. It can’t come soon enough… I’ve had enough of the UK.

Haha… there is no need to apologise for telling the truth! :smile:


Just steering you away from that direction given the Communities Etiquette Guidelines, in case you started to explore the cause of that crisis or before the thread headed that way and got pulled.

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I love the changing seasons and love all of them in their own right.

In the UK we didn’t really have a winter last year and we had a crazy hot summer.

It has been sub-zero for several days in a row now.
And guess whose boiler - running all heating and hot water - has broken?

That sucks, always the way isnt it. Happened to me in the UK once same thing but we had that british gas cover plan and they fixed it pretty soon

Ha sounds my week that’s just past. Sub zero temps and a dead boiler, fixed then refused to start the next day. Wash rinse repeat over three days until good old Vincent found the oil/air mix was wrong. Ironically adjusted by his colleagues 3 weeks back when the same problem happened and he changed the jet, so it was running too rich so fouling. Country life hey ho.
Love those stressed filled days. :exploding_head:

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Ha reminds me of my boss who told me last week he played around with heating at his house and managed to mess up the water pump :see_no_evil: oh joy!

I’m well aware of the guidelines thanks. Nobody has any worry of me attempting to start a political debate because politics is of absolutely no interest to me whatsoever, either as a topic or as a scapegoat for my problems. I have nothing to do with it in my daily life, and nothing to do with discussing it. You would quite literally be hard pressed to find someone less interested in the subject than I am.

I had the same thing in another house years ago. Sub zero temps, turned the heating on, boom! Boiler gave up and sprayed water everywhere. We had British Gas cover too… and it took them three freezing weeks to come out and fix it. The next Winter the exact same thing happened again! That time it took two weeks to fix.

But hey, I suppose a broken but fixable boiler is better than a perfectly good one that you can’t afford to run! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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We dont even have one here!

Tho my HW cylinder died last new years eve, replaced same day (not cheap…) it was 50 years old !

I bet the new one will last about 5 years at best. I don’t want to sound like an old fart (I’m not even that old), but facts are facts… they don’t make `em like they used to! :cowboy_hat_face:

yeah we’ll see…

Hi Adrian, not to be misunderstood… As already mentioned above:

I feel really sorry about Ross’ situation which is harsh reality for many people this winter. And I’m aware that winter, including cold temperatures, wet weather, etc. for many people isn’t funny at all. I know, it is a big difference wether you are able to return after work into a well heated home or not. Where I live, we are quite well prepared for winter and I’m thankful to be able to like snowy weather. Even if we keep temperatures pretty low in the house this winter.

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Ross, as I already said, I truly can understand your frustration and I hope, I didn’t take the wrong words in my previous comment. Freezing and suffering from cold weather is horrible and I can understand, that it’s hard to see others waste ressources and energy, while a lot of people can’t afford to heat their homes. I really hope, that the situation gets better for you, as I already mentioned in my first comment yesterday. :wink:

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No worries Helen, I know what you meant. :slight_smile: We’re hoping to emigrate in mid-January, so hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy the tail-end of Winter for what it is after that. We were hoping to be gone month ago, but… bureaucracy. Need I say more? :roll_eyes:


Where are you off to Ross?

Have you got room for 2 more? I hate this country and hopefully one day we’ll be off to another one too.


We’re going to Romania, my wife’s home country. It has the slower pace of life we’re after, offers more opportunities for working for ourselves, and is a beautiful place perfect for people who love outdoor pursuits like those mentioned in my OP. Similar landmass to the UK yet less than a third of the population, so no more feeling like sardines in a can. And of course, better weather with four defined seasons. Plus many other benefits that suit us personally.

Haha, there are so many people that have asked if they can come, we’d currently need to open a good sized guest house to accommodate them all! :grin:

I know how you feel though as I’ve felt that way for many years. It really surprised my wife when she worriedly and hesitantly dropped the hint that she’d maybe kind of like to move back home one day if I maybe kind of wouldn’t mind trying to live there for at least a while… and I immediately said great, when do we leave?!


Goodness, what a change! :open_mouth:
Do you speak the language/ are you going to learn?
All the best in your preparations and the move itself of course.
You will need a good internet connection to get your daily fix of the Community :laughing:

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