I think I'm immune to GAS

I only own one acoustic and one electric, and any time I think about getting a new one, I feel like it’d be cheating on them, and resist the urge.

I know many guitarists suffer from GAS, so feel like I need to do my part for society and donate some cells to develop a vaccine, ya know like a Henrietta Lacks sort of deal… it totally works that way, right??


I’m immune too it seems. I own a single (second hand) acoustic guitar. I asked on the forum a while back about whether upgrading my guitar would help me play better and was largely met with responses from enthusiastic sufferers of GAS and no one with a strong case for better guitar = better results. I came to the conclusion that a new guitar would not make me any better and didn’t bother. I then had the chance to buy a travel guitar (which would be used as I am away a lot and my car is tiny) but a couple of people said they had tried the model I was looking at and it wasn’t great, so I didn’t bother buying it.

Happy to cough on any one who would like to stop buying guitars :wink:

No, no. There’s no need for a vaccine. That’s a scientist’s sort of solution! There’s a much simpler solution to GAS:-
Whenever you’re in a guitar store:


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You can always pay from the app on your smart watch without having to take your hands out of your pockets. A bit of an awkward angle to get the watch next to the payment machine but quite possible I think.

Well yeah, except my watch isn’t that smart!

And anyway, you’re gonna try the guitar first (if you’re smart) and that ain’t gonna be possible…I think!

I believe your inherent immunity will begin to wane with time.
When you start to explore the world of open tuning you will begin to understand that your two guitars are lonelier than you think and would welcome some company.
Just sayin…

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ditto, i bought a used acoustic, a cheap harley benton strat copy and a used Yamaha Studio Lord Les Paul along with a Laney Cub 10 tube amp……spent about $500 on the lot about 5 years ago. thinking of selling the yamaha. just dont use it much. never understood the whole GAS thing. Doesnt seem to apply to drummers, horn or keyboard players. Not sure why guitarists are such a frivolous bunch.

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I jam with a sax/harmonica player he has 4 saxophones and about 15 harps. I know at least 6 drummers and all of them have a minimum of 3 drum kits. The last key board player I played in a band with had 3 keyboards he brought to gigs and had a Baby Grand and at least 2 or more other keyboards in his house.
So I’d say every musician I know has some sort of GAS even singers have more than one mic.

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I’m pretty much with the OP, but not quite so minimalist. I’m at about 7 guitars and two amps, with minimal inclination for more (other than an on-going desire for a PRS Modern Eagle V, which I don’t need but really admire). I walked away from the instrument for a while a few years ago and went on a modest buying spree when I decided to start up again (2 electrics, 1 acoustic, 1 amp over a year or so) but that was more or less a birthday gift to myself. It’s fun to browse the on-line stores but I’m really not very inclined to spend more $s on more $tuff when I don’t have enough time to really enjoy / explore the $tuff I already have.

More recently I did spend $s on a home studio upgrade, but that was needful given my recording PC was a klunky 10 y.o. generic desktop. But I’m done for now.

I think your kidding yourself :joy:

It took me a couple of guitar purchases to realize that. I’ve replaced my GAS with GPS. It’s what makes me a better player. Guitar Playing Syndrome


I have the electric and acoustic guitars pictured at left. I have a cheap travel guitar (Enya Nova Go). I’m simply not good enough, and am unlikely to get good enough, to justify buying any more. GAS resistance is that clear for me.

Is there at least one more guitar I’d like to have? Sure. But I can’t justify spending the money to myself.

No one is totally immune. Give it time

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Maybe. But hadn’t previously bought anything other than strings for about 15 years.

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I thought I was. Had the one cheap and so-so sounding Squier Bullet, bought on sale last November and figured I just needed an acoustic. Checked out a few acoustics over the last few months, ended up with a used PRS. So, okay, I still need an acoustic, but the plan is to stop there, and it won’t happen before next April! So, I sort of have delayed GAS?

I think the world might be a bit shy about new vaccines though…

This haha :smiley:

i felt the same way for a long time. I’ve had my acoustic for like 14yrs (cheap bang around epiphone I got on a memorial day deal at guitar center for like $80) and my cheap jackson that i’ve been playing for the past few years while I’ve been going thru the modules here. then GAS hit and I bought my Epi LP last week. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also suffer from the ‘other’ GAS. not just guitar acquisition syndrome, but also Gear AS. I’ve found that I now “need” things like straps, spare strings, capo, picks, gig bags, stands, amps, and PC interfaces/software and mic’s for recording (at some point). I also may need a bigger house so i have room for it all. I think it could be classified in the ICD10 code book as an illness. not sure if there is a treatment tho. buying more stuff seems to fix it temporarily.


I have not succumbed to GearAS, yet. I still haven’t bought a strap for my PRS, just took the one off the Bullet. I’m looking for the “right” one, I guess. I still only have my little 15-watt Peavey Audition amp. The only things I’ve been buying is various sized picks. Dang, what is wrong with me? I need to look at more stuff online! :crazy_face: I’ve got the bigger house now, the hubby has his bass guitar in the TV room (aka 4th bedroom), and I turned half of my sewing room (aka 3rd bedroom) into my guitar room.

I could use a better chair…

:stuck_out_tongue: :beers:

it is a sickness isnt it

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Unfortunately ( or perhaps fortunately), my financial woes of the last 18 months have provided an ongoing remedy for any GAS related activities.
The upshot is I’ve probably got in an extra 50 hrs of practice…:crazy_face:
Gonna be a windfall for the guitar shop when I make my comeback…:nerd_face:

Cheers, Shane