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Pigpen was the keyboardist with Grateful Dead!

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Ahahahaha! Since trying to move to half notes at 70 BPM I’ve realised that my ‘alternate picking’ wasn’t all that ‘alternate’ all of the time. Sometimes when moving between strings I’m repeating the direction of the previous pick. Based on videoing myself it doesn’t even seem to be that I’m making a consistent mistake, sometimes I’m fine going upwards between strings, sometimes I’m fine going downwards, just not all the time in both directions.

I’ve tried to go back to whole notes at 100 BPM to debug this and I’m still skipping an up or a down now and then, so I think I need to go slower still. :sob:

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Good for you, Iain. Making a video, observing errors, stepping and slowing down to correct those and master the technique. That’s the way to become a fine player. Keep on doing what you’re doing!

Thanks, slowing down to 90 BPM (seems to have!) let me get the kinks ironed out, and I’m comfortable at 100 BPM again already. I must admit I was quite worried that I was going to be sat on 90 BPM again for a while!


Now done with finger and thumb strumming: Runaway train (finger and thumb, take 1)

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