If you could only pick 1, who would it be and why?

If you only could choose one band, composer, songwriter… within music, who would it be and why?

My choice is without a doubt Kim Larsen from Denmark. He have followed me my whole life and sadly passed away few years ago. Many of his songs continued to keep the power. Also they never differed very much from the studio version to the life versions over the years, as I now have noticed for many others. - His songs carried me through life and was the place I went to, when feeling sad, loneliness, happy feelings etc. - The only one I can listen to 24/7 day after day, and there are so many songs to choose from. Never gets boring for me. So much power, honesty and talking to the heart and mind. For me a true Legend.

Here is the studio version from 1976, at the time Kim Larsen was with the band Gasolin.

Title: This is my life

Here he is playing live in 2001 in a different setting.

This is one of his last concerts where he had to sit down while playing. 2018

Who would you choose and why??

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I’m glad I live in a world where I don’t have to chose 1. There is to much talent out there to feel that 1 person could possibly be the only 1. If you limit yourself to 1 you’re missing out.


If you have one favourite that are way ahead of the others, then that would be the one :wink:
That doesn’t mean you miss out on the others. I’m certainly not missing out.
But I do see what you mean, that if I only listen to one, then I would be missing out. But who does that? You ever met even one person in your life that had it like that?

You don’t have 1 favourite that are above the rest? Or none of them really mean anything to you? Or it is a little snippet here and there, where they mean something to you?
If so, that would be totally ok also, why not. But then you would be one of the few I have met or heard of, who had it like that. But sure can happen. Everything is possible and are equally valid. Embracing the endless myriad of manifestations. If not able to do that, then we can really say you limit yourself.

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Hank Marvin, either solo or with the Shadows. He is very versatile in the songs he records and I would love to replicate his sound and have one tenth of his talent.


Wow. Thanks a lot for bringing him in. - The First British Guitar Hero - I remember it from my very early childhood. - Apache, Man of Mystery, Atlantis, Wonderful Land. to mention some. It was very often in the radio here in Denmark. We only had one channel at that time. Didn’t know who it was before now. Wow. Cool

Just reading the wiki. The Drifters. That name I know.
In 1959, Cliff Richard purchased a fiesta red Fender Stratocaster for Marvin to use on stage, which is widely claimed to be the first Stratocaster in the UK.

He influenced so many of the later great guitarists. Many top names.
I can understand you bring him in. Very interesting. Cool, thnx a lot :+1: :sunglasses:

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If I could have only one artist, it would be Neil Young. I think he writes wonderful songs that tell stories about life, plays in such a variety of styles from solo singer-songwriter with guitar/piano and harmonica to electric with Crazy Horse. He has also always followed his muse, exploring different genres and styles without pandering to the industry.


Neil Young. I know very much Harvest Moon. That is so beautiful.

Just having a listen to Crazy Horse, Everybody Knows this is Nowhere.
First comment to that on YT says: “Nothing like being up at 3 in the morning having a existential crisis and listening to this on loop. Neil’s music is just so comforting…” :+1:

Can’t recall I heard the name Crazy Horse. Something new to dive into and have listen and some reading.

What a story about Neil Young’s life. Yeah, I have to dive into him, that’s for sure.
Very interesting and also born in the 40’s to be young man during 60’s and 70’s.

Down by the river… :+1: :sunglasses:

Thnx a lot for bringing him on. He certainly is character and a discography from 1968 to 2022. Impressive. :+1: :sunglasses:


Indeed. And don’t forget he was also a member of Buffalo Springfield (66-68) who were highly regarded. Steven Stills was in that band and of course later Young would join Crosby, Stills & Nash. That means their album Deja Vu is on the playlist :grin:

Neil Young’s Hitchhiker is an interesting listen.

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I considered Fleetwood Mac, and Diana Krall (Cdn jazz pianist), but I’m going to have to go with Eric Clapton. Quite a few incarnations there too.

I forgot to say why I’d pick Clapton. He inspires me. His talent is immense. His discography is also immense, and covers a range of styles. His Crossroads Guitar Festival benefits the drug treatment centre he founded. And, finally, he is God. (Lol)

Not crazy about some of his politics but decided the music is still the music.


I would pick Paulina Villarael from the band The Warning, she does most of the band’s songwriting, some of it by her other two sisters Daniela and Alejandra.
This video done by a friend of mine (with some help from me) tells all!

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This causes me a dilemma because I could easily pick Neil Young as a brilliant song writer but I’ve spent most of the past 30+ years listening to hard rock and metal so I’m going with the very obvious choice of Metallica. I like my music loud and fast!!!

I could have picked other metal bands that are either louder or faster than Metallica but many of those are one trick ponies and if you’re stuck with one band then you need a big back catalog and some variety I reckon


impossible to pick just one, but i guess i have to go with clapton


Jeezo, how can you be so cruel??? I’m just over 60 now and probably the most important and consistent albums over the last 30 years for me have been:
Bob Dylan- Blood on the Tracks
Van Morrison- Astral Weeks
The Jam- All Mod Cons

I’m going to see Springsteen in May. The only person I really want to see apart from Bruce is Neil Young. I’ve seen everyone else I want to see, but if I see Neil I’ll die happy :sunglasses::ok_hand:

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Thnx a lot for your answer. Music is Magic.
Yes, it could be impossible. Unless that person or band or whatever one, somehow stands out for you. There could be millions of reasons for why that particular stands out for you.

I always wondered why we choose as we do.
When listening to the trio; Al Di Meola , John McLaughlin, Paco De Lucia - they are all top notch. Many got totally into John McLaughlin. I went into Al De Meola and Paco De Lucia and eventually Al Di Meola.
But it always puzzled me, what made us choose as we did at that time. What made us go in those different direction.
I could imagine an opera singer who would choose Nina Hagen. Or a classical violin player who would go for Vanessa Mae. It kind of would make sense and be natural.

Now after many years, there was for me, Kim Larsen who just had so much impact in my life, kept me going and also the music talks to me and for many other reasons.

I could pick 50 or 100 and I would still feel I had left some one out. But more than often, there is one that just stand out among all those we would choose.

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:joy: :joy: :joy:
Thnx a lot for your answer. I never really listened to Clapton. For sure one I have to dive into also.

Politic is politic and not important at all, when it comes to choice of music. oh well, maybe it is for some, but I bet most of us choose as we choose because of the music or it made a huge impact in our life or both and many other reasons.

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See, there you go. :joy: :joy:
Yes, after a little dive into his music and history, I can understand why many would choose Neil Young.

Got a notice about quote several in one post. Makes sense. Will do that :+1: :joy:

Thnx a lot for answer.
Never heard about her nor the band. Just had a short listen. Yup, I need to listen more here, that’s for sure. Very interesting! :+1: :sunglasses:

Thnx a lot.
Nothing Else Matters :wink: Yes, many are exactly just some that came by, but never really had the impact as others. I never was into loud and fast, but dang is there one piece I really would luv to play, it would without a doubt be “Nothing Else Matters”. It’s a master piece in my ears.

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ELVIS! He had it all except a long life.

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Hey Platos and very welcome to the community and thnx for the input. :+1: :sunglasses:

For sure Elvis and yes, another who sadly passed away in very young age. Certainly a legend within music.

Though Elvis surprises me just as much as Hank Marvin, yet its very natural names like that would come up.

I heard an interview some days ago, where one mentioned Jimi Hendrix and said exactly those words: “He had it all”.

Way too tough to pick just one. With that said, I’d probably go with Led Zeppelin. Some blues, some hard rockers, some acoustic, some ballad, some folk influence, et cetera. And every band member is a great – or even iconic – musician.