If you could only pick 1, who would it be and why?

Yeah, they’re not that well known but they very soon will be; they’re opening for Muse on their world tour and headlining their own European tour this year between now and the summer, potentially extending it if they’re going down well. They’re well worth looking at if you like old school rock with energy and a new twist!

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Thnx for reply.
Yes, it’s really tough to pick one only. It have to be one who somehow made more impact than the others.
But I noticed myself and so many other had hard time finding five campfire songs to have in the locker - I struggled so much myself there. We could increase and say 20, but then also you will get to a point and think some are left out. - Ok, let’s say 50 and still, 100 and still… it’s like endless. - It is so amazing with music. It is like entering into a magic world where there no longer are limits.
Led Zeppelin for sure is special in so many regards. Big part of my youth also :+1: :sunglasses:

My alternative would have been Tuomas Holopainen, from Nightwish, he’s just an amazing composer and musician, just amazing!

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I can imagine. The first that came to mind when listening to them was “Mothers Finest” - It’s not a female band, but it just somehow came to mind and then quickly after Vanessa Mae, Nina Hagen… the dice just kept rolling. So interesting. :joy:

:joy: You got the dice rolling also… :joy: :joy: Never heard of that also. I am very much a novice within music. But it is so amazing to enter this world and I get a lot of inspiration for my guitar and composing journey. - I also many times are looking through the what are you currently listening to - Also some nice comments here and there, for why people choose as they do.

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Good thread, thanks for all the responses, I can never pick just one, I have about 57 of my most favourite artists. :slight_smile:


I totally get you. If I was to choose from the artists and songs I luv to listen to, I would not be able to choose. To pick one, I had to see it from a different view, to reflect and contemplate about it and not just let the ear decide.

With the 5 campfire songs to choose, if I choose the songs I like to listen to, it wouldn’t even be campfire songs.
So I had to take a different approach and imagine I was the DJ at a party and was in charge of the music. Already that made it more easy for me.

To pick one only, I had to look at who made the biggest impact on me and who could I listen to no matter the mood, no matter if just waking up, no matter if party or just relaxing with a cup of tea and so on. That kind of reflection I had to enter, in order to just pick one.

It could also have been who was most innovative. Who wrote the most beautiful lyrics. Who composed the best tunes or most songs etc etc. - There are no right and wrong. Maybe most time we choose without knowing.
The why? kind of push us to look at it from a different angle or reflect in a different way.

I could also ask you, why those 57? what impact or reason for picking exactly those and not from 58 and further? For me the “why?” is equally interesting as the one being picked.

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If I had to choose one band, that would be Dream Theater. But with Mike Portnoy on the drums, not the clown that replaced him.

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Van Morrison

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Probably Miles Davis. Varied career, varied music, unique sound, disregard for showmanship, good ability to pick his musicians and to nurture their talent.


Hi all.
So many talented people, so many choices.
There used to be a Radio program way back called " Desert Island Disk’s " which this post reminded me of. they could choose 10 fav’s. I got my down to 3 ( if I had to be limited ) that I could’nt choose between.
In no particular order Enigma, Fleetwood Mac and AC/DC.
So many others for me as well, far too many to list.
The music I listen to at any particular time is very dependent on my mood and I think these 3 cover most things. If I took it to 4… Bob Marley. :face_with_spiral_eyes:
Happy listening.

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I was 12 when the compilation red and blue albums were released. they are hard wired into my brain. The first music you become aware of really seeps into the soul. even now at 62 the voices of lennon and mccartney have the resonance almost of a parent.


Thnx a lot for your input :+1: :sunglasses:
Never heard about the band. Too heavy for me to understand, but found a pretty cool album, where I can follow somewhat: Awake.
Listened to albums where the drummer Mike Portnoy was there, meaning album before 2010.

Thnnx for input. :+1: :sunglasses:
The Belfast Cowboy. Certainly a legend and another with impressive discography.
Not one I know very much about, but another I really want to dive into.
Very interesting person indeed. Another of the great legends that was born in the 40’s and being young during the 60’s and 70’s. - So many great musicians from that period.
Cool pick, thnx :+1: :sunglasses:

Thnx for brining Miles Davis in. :+1: :sunglasses:
Amazing musician and composer. As he had connnection with the Danish Palle Mikkelborg, it was often heard in the radio. Also came to Denmark on several occasions. Dennmark was Jazz heaven a couple of decades approx 1960 - 1980.
Many big names from that times played together on many occasions. Impressive discography!
Yup, a true legend within music, no doubt. :+1:

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Mind I pick one out? :wink: Thnx a lot for your input. :+1: :sunglasses:
I understand you though, all you mention was played constantly among friends in my youth.
Engima is interesting. I have totally forgot about them. It was one of those I really enjoyed. Calm and soothing. - It also lead me to people like Jean Michel Jarre and Mike Oldfield.
Bob Marley was also in my ears a lot during those years.
I totally understand why it’s hard to pick one out of those 3 - 4 you mention.
Thanks a lot for bringing Enigma in. It was something out of the ordinary at that time, when they entered the scene.

Thnx alot for your input :+1: :sunglasses:
Of course Beatles. You grew up with them, so to speak. I can imagine many from UK and Ireland would choose Beatles as their number one. It must have been a very special time there during your youth.
My first entry to UK was in 1979 - 1980 where I lived in Bath for 9 month. But that special era was over then.
They had without a doubt a big impact in UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and big part of rest of Europe. I would have been very surprised if no one had picked them. Thnx for bringing in The Beatles. :+1: :sunglasses:

Had to dive into Fleetwood Mac also, as I didn’t really know them or listened to them much. If I have had a deeper dive earlier, I most likely would have picked Fleetwood Mac out of those you mentioned.

Had some listen and reading of Fleetwood Mac. Especially the “Never Going Back Again” from the album “Rumours”. - That guitar play by Lindsey Buckingham is just wow. - Wonder how many within our community are able to play that, at the right speed. It must belong to dreamer songs for many of us. - I am pretty sure I would not be able to do that in this lifetime, even I only trained that. :joy: :pray:

I read some comments, that when Lindsey Buckingham was not in the band, they had to replace him with 2 guitarists. Not sure if true or just a rumour. :slight_smile:

The whole story and the many different members of Fleetwood Mac is really interesting.
Just the bands story in itself is a “only pick 1” worthy. :joy:
Then adding to the music, yeah, certainly a band sticks out. Some of the stories is just so hard to believe. - The fake Fleetwood Mac :joy:

Both band and certain members would easy be on a “only pick 1” list.
@Mari63 also mentioned Fleetwood Mac. I totally understand now, for many reasons. :+1: :sunglasses:

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Ted Poley. For most of my life this was an extremely difficult question, but I’ve come to realise over the past however-long (I want to say maybe not quite a year, but it struck me sometime recently) that he’s the one who’s consistently been at the top of my picks for a long time now.

His voice is just something else to me. I’m guessing my liking for him started with coming across “Bang Bang” or something else large of Danger Danger’s. He seems like such a great person from the interviews I’ve read, and his voice is magic for my ears.

‘Beyond the Fade’ saved my life on multiple occasions. It’s impossible for me to choose a favourite song off of it, let alone out of his entire catalogue, but here are some that really speak to me:

…I can’t pick a single song from ‘Beyond The Fade’, so let’s have a bunch of links:
“Stars”, “Sirens”. “Everything We Are”, “We Are Young”

“Crossing This Ocean” – Poley/Rivera ‘Only Human’

“Shadows” – Bonemachine ‘Disappearing Inc.’

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Thnx for bringing Ted Poley in and especially for sharing your story. :+1: :sunglasses: :heart: :pray:
Takes courage to be so honest :+1:
Think we are many who had taken refuge like that to the music and it have been a life saver and life changer for us. Music is Magic, that’s for sure. :pray:

Totally unknown to me. Wiki doesn’t say much and no official YT channel as I can see. Bang Bang gets 15k likes. That’s a lot. :+1:
Watched an interview with him. Cool guy, that’s for sure.
One mentioned in a comment, that if he had entered the scene 5 years earlier, he would have raised to the top within the genre. - I can follow that. But also I don’t think music industry like him that much.
Went through some of the lyrics. Very strong and heartfelt.

There is: “The story of Poley’s first encounter with Kiss lead singer Paul Stanley” it doesn’t say more about it though and unable to find anything about it.
What I find especially interesting, is the little that are written about him and how many albums he have been involved in.

Great pick for many reasons! :+1: :sunglasses:

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What kind of a sick thread is this Kim? Why would you be so mean? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think I could pick. My mood dictates my music taste on a day by day basis, so I’m sorry but I just cannot pick one. :slight_smile:


Still appreciate your input :+1: :sunglasses:
I totally understand. It was only recently something changed in me, else I went by just like you describe there.
Few years back it would have been impossible for me to pick one. It was only due to my body failure, I suddenly couldn’t do what I loved the most, riding my bicycle, gardening, carpentry and such, that it forced me to re-evaluate my life and figure out how to continue and finding something I could enjoy, despite my handicaps. Was some years of digging deep into the mind and again, Kim Larsen was there to help me, like he was during my childhood and youth. :heart: :pray:

Then the poems came and eventually ending up here. - Actually happy I didn’t find any who could compose music to my poems, else this journey likely would not have happened. Life have its own ways and I just had to learn to embrace it all and be happy for and enjoy every moment I get. :blush:


I read your post about your life changes and though maybe if you have never seen this it may be some help.
I first read this in the 60s as a teenager (hence my name) and had read it many times over the past decades. (starting my 7th)
Its called Desiderata by Max Ehrmann ©1927.
I’m unsure if posting links is ok but a Google ( other Web Browers are available . :smile: ) search is easy to find.
It’s quite short but (to me) had a really powerful effect in my life.
Sorry to go off the music theme, it’s thrown up some very talent artists and very varied genres . Interesting topic.


Yeeeeeeeeeees the Paul Stanley thing! Basically, it was Ted Poley getting nervous walking past Paul Stanley backstage after one of the times Danger Danger opened for KISS and Paul Stanley singing his name to the tune of “Unholy” when he got to the end of the corridor. I first read about it on Sleaze Roxx here. :grinning:

It’s a super cute read. This story’s what inspired C.C. Banana’s parody of “Unholy”, “Ted Poley”. :laughing: It’s a great listen (though apparently the clip of him performing it on some show isn’t on YouTube anymore. (;з;) That makes me sad…it was really funny watching him sing it in his banana costume).

Thanks so much for your kind comment. :pray: It means a lot, though I know we don’t know each other more than this interaction so far (but I guess sometimes that’s all you need, right?). I’m not too surprised you haven’t heard of him before. It’s like he’s got this core fanbase and that’s it. Like that comment you read, it seems D2 debuted just a little to late.

tedpoley1 is his YouTube channel. :smiley: It’s his personal, so you get stuff like clips of his shows and his cat headbanging as well as promotional stuff. :smiley_cat: Definitely not managed by someone else haha. Some of the listings are of stuff he was selling eBay. I think most of the official stuff is released on labels’ channels, like Frontiers Music’s channel Frontiers Music srl for ‘Beyond the Fade’. :slight_smile:

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