If you could only pick 1, who would it be and why?

For me it is totally fine. :+1: :sunglasses: Maybe some could write music to it or compose by being inspired from that poem. :wink: It’s pretty cool!!! Some lyrics are actually directly taken from or inspired by poems. - Also many from old folk-myths or what ever it is called. Stories that was told and kept from generation to generation. A lot of that comes out in music. The Hu Band is a very good example of that.

Some of my own poems have been somewhat in that direction also.

I have posted three of my poems so far in my learning log. It’s those I will start composing to. I am looking at some of my other poems also, but half of them are too hardcore to post within this community.

Sometimes we can get a glimpse or open up for the universal laws, that somehow is being expressed via art and especially music. Some of the music we really adore without know why, is sometimes due to that kind of wisdom that comes out via the music.

Very beautiful and powerful. Thanks a lot for bringing it in! :+1: :sunglasses: :heart: :pray:

PS. A challenge to the community, to compose some music that speak that poem via notes and sound and maybe some words. :wink: :blush:

Oh, wonderful. I will make myself another cup of tea and have a dive into this. Found the YT channel.
Will see if I can find the famous banana parody. Unfinished stories is not my best side :joy: :joy: Maybe Bitchute, Odysee or something or old archives.

Ok, I am taking a dive. Thnx so much for this. Awesome. :+1: :sunglasses: :joy: :pray:

PS: Edit: Could it be this one @AshenRose - Parody of unholy - the right one? or is it a video where he runs around in his banana costume? I did find a short clip where he is sitting in his banana suit and mention “Kiss of Ankh”.

PS. Edit 2 - Went a little further- Nice story about how Ted Poley met Kiss and the USD 18 for the towels and the meeting with Paul Stanley. - But else there is a lot of sad stories and energy surrounding the whole thing and many of the people involved.

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Yeah, that’s the song! Not the video I was thinking about, though… I’m starting to wonder if I dreamt it, to be honest. (@___@) The video I’m thinking of was one where he performed the song in his banana suit. Alas, the internet isn’t what it used to be, so for all I know it was there at some point and was simply taken down. A lot of good old stuff has been taken off YouTube since I first started using it back in '05 or whatever it was I started using it. :frowning:

And definitely some sad stories and energy there. :frowning: I’m just glad and grateful he’s still making music–for his sake, mine and whoever else has benefited from it like I have.:heart::sparkling_heart:

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Hi ,
I haven’t read through the thread for me this choice doesn’t exist… but I do wonder if anyone has mentioned Justin…that’s so handy he’s kind of like a Jukebox :sunglasses: on your island when your plane has crashed or something like that… :smile: