If You Could Read My Mind - Cover

Sorry gonna try again.

Since the passing of Gordon Lightfoot, this song has been covered quite a bit. For that I apologize, adding yet another.
I Wanted to pay my tribute and learn a beautiful song in the process. Hope it is not an injustice. I think (hope) Mr Lightfoot might understand a beginner wanting to learn his masterpeice.

Welcome any feedback. I know it is broken in many places. Still learning. As most of us are.


Sounded god to me. Well done.

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Hello Mike, congrats on performing this challenging song :clap::smiley:.

No need to apologize for adding another cover of it. And no need to be a bit shy, just because you’re a beginner playing Lightfoots masterpiece. I’m a beginner myself and haven’t tried to play this song yet. But it really sounds challenging.
Picking and singing simultaniously is not easy. Chapeau.

We are all learning. And with some more practice, you’ll soon nail this song, for sure. Keep at it :smiley::+1:.

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keep it up. this song will lift people up

Great job Mike, thanks for sharing!

Thanks so much. Greatly appreciate the kind words.

Thanks you, means a lot, appreciate.

Thank you Nicole. Very much appreciate it.

No need to apologise for posting a song Mike, especially if it is in tribute to someone.

Sounding good and I think this was some of your best vocals to date. I’m not sure what you’re using to record on but for me your voice just needs bringing to the front a little more, so maybe you need to mess around with mic positioning or phone positioning.

Great job though.

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Thanks so much. Always enjoy and appreciate hearing from you.


Keep up the good work, your love of the song really comes through. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you. Funny thing, although I liked and appreciated the song for years I never gave it a great deal of attention until the passing of Gordon Lightfoot. Decided to try it, and you say here, really fell in love with it. And also more of his fine work.