I'll be there for You cover

Hey guys, following up on my latest Open Mic act here is a proper version of the famous Friends song :grin: I was planning to make a progress post but when I started looking at it tonight I realized half of videos I did are missing so no point in doing that anymore :grimacing:

I did mess up the solo during OM which I think is super awesome, I hopefully fixed it enough in this recording for you guys to enjoy it! Won’t mind for those who heard it live to just scroll to the solo bit to listen to, really fun arrangement going on there!

Anyway learning how to play it and sing it was not so hard overall, but as usual trying to polish things out and not make any mistakes is my biggest challenge which I seem to be struggling with constantly. Perhaps more time available would help with that but we are where we are and not much more I can squeeze of free time during the day left.

Many of you seemed to be enjoying this particular arrangement, which I borrowed from a cover band called Boyce Avenue. I remember seeing this particular cover back at uni while being not in speaking terms with my guitar and I was so darn impressed with it and some other of their covers, I could only dream back then to play it not to mention to sing as well, almost 10 years later and here we are :grinning:

Enough of this rambling, here it is together with the “original” cover to pay a tribute to those talented chaps. Any word of advice is always appreciated!


Well done!
Thanks for sharing.

What’s your history with vocals, @adi_mrok? How did you improve singing to this point?

Hi Adrian,
:sunglasses: :clap: :man_bowing: :bouquet:

Very nice guitar, but I was especially impressed by your singing…the best so far by miles…and as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t have to/couldn’t be better for I can just hear this on the radio :man_bowing:

Edit: there are some parts, sounds, notes in your vocals that i really really like…for some parts it might be interesting to do what gordon says if you haven’t tried it yet, he did make me think for a while after three time listen , curious what and if you find/can do with it…but still :sunglasses: :man_bowing:

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Super guitar work Adi, fingerstyle on electric is not easy and you aced that one. The solo worked really well too.
An excellent vocal but I noticed you had capo on 3. I felt you might be more comfortable singing a fraction lower. Only a thought, you know your voice best.
Well done my friend.

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The difference 10 years can make eh Adi? :wink:

I’d be more than happy with the polishing in this recording, really enjoyed your performance on the night and again here. There’s some lovely details you’ve got in the playing here that add so much character and soul , these are the kind of things I really can’t wait to get to in my playing, it’s real personality.

Thanks for sharing this one :clap: :clap:

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That is some very tasty fingerstyle there Adi and you give the song a new lease of life for me. I prefer your version over the original.


Hello Adi, I’ve enjoyed your song very much at the OM, and I enjoyed it yet again (sitting at my sunny terrace, absorbing the first vibes of Spring).
It’s such a beautiful version :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
Your playing skills (I love your fingerpicking) and singing are outstanding :smiley:.
Congratulations on that :+1::clap:.

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Cover well done Adrian, nice interpretation! I noticed something I’m prone to myself, sometimes it feels like the sustain would like to last little bit longer :).

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Wow, that was great! Oddly enough, Friends is in right now, for the 100th time (Ross just took back his salmon top from Mona). That was really good. Loved the arrangement, your vocals, the playing and gotta admire your nice collection up on the wall, including the Uke.
Really enjoyed it Adrian :clap:

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Amazing, loved it in the the OM but great to hear some more context to the song in a post. I really like the arrangement and you sound really good playing it (both vocal and guitar).

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That was outstanding Adrian. Beautiful cover and as the others have all pointed out your vocals are top notch on this one. Loved it!

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Wow a lot of very nice replies, many thanks to all for listening and such a kind words, a few individual replies as well down below :sweat_smile:

Not sure what are you talking here about Serhat, as hate to say it but that is just the way how my vocal chords always worked :sweat_smile: In all honesty I sang my whole life at home whenever I could and music was always present in my life so I guess that helped with developing a good musical hearing, when I was young and I was soaking everything like a sponge :smiley: Right now since started with Justin this almost 3 years back I watched some free clips of Chris Liepe on Youtube (some folks did his paid course and were in awe) how to use your voice to the fullest and something clicked on top what I already knew how to do. And that helped me to improve further. Right now I mostly sing in my car whenever I am alone and I sing all sorts of stuff, mostly things that are challenging, as I am trying to push my vocal chords to the limits to extend the range further and further while trying to keep the notes running smoothly and to keep my breath steady flowing. It sounds a lot more complicated to what I actually do, however I struggle to explain to people how do I know not to go flat or sharp. It just happens! :smiley:

Roger, Gordon - thank you both! Yes perhaps a capo one fret lower could be a better match, although I do feel it’s a lot easier to sing it while I don’t hold guitar on my lap, so perhaps that was the main factor impacting my singing + the fact that I did it after a few tries and straight after the Open Mic where probably some fatigue was present as well. No excused though and I am grateful for honesty! Definitely something I picked upon myself and glad others did too as this will help me learn from mistakes.

Thanks Mark, that whole arrangement was so cool that’s why I was so sucked into it and keen to learn it as well. With how quickly you guys, who are here less time than I am, are progressing I am sure you will catch up sooner rather than later! :smiley: The key thing is finding a middle ground - not to be afraid of a challenge but also be realistic and not to tackle songs which we are not ready for yet.

Thanks Nicole, I am really jealous over this sunny terrace bit as we had snow falling down today in the morning and it was really cold! :cold_face: hopefully that spring will reach my regions sometime soon!

Thank you Radek, I agree with you, perhaps what would help is playing a bit more with delay and reverb, although delay is something I tend to struggle with to set up correctly.

Thank you Stefan, too kind! Although I think I still do prefer the original, either Rembrandts or Boyce Avenue :smiley:


I checked and there are 236 episodes of friends. I’ve watched every episode probably 3 or 4 times (and heard it maybe twice by the Rembrandts lol), so this is possibly the 1000th time I’ve heard this song. And what a great version you play Adrian!! You make the fingerpicking look easy, and great job on the solo. I’m going to have to catch up with the OM recording to see that version too.


Thanks Mari, definitely this one is more polished up than the other one, but during the OM there were some cracking performances worth watching so couldn’t recommend you doing that!

I watched Friends 2 times in full and every single time I think I clapped :rofl: was hard not to clap while I played haha! Joking aside you still probably need to add all those times you heard that song over the radio as they did terrorize that song quite often back in a day! :smiley: all the best and take care Mari!


I think I can safely say, I’ll see your 3 or 4 and raise it 6 or 7. My son, when younger, discovered it and loved it so having already gone through the series a few times myself, I then had/have to go through them again to the point, I can hand on heart, recite most of the story line. (If only I remembered my school work that much :thinking:)

That aside, your version Adi, I love so much more!


It’s a moo point then, Cate, I think we’ve both watched it quite a few times!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Absolutely! :blush: It’s actually on tv here 5 nights a week (talk about overkill)….not that I watch it now but on the rare occasion my son is home, he may occasionally flick it on.

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I see what you’ve done there! :smiley: