I'm a Tool Rebel now!

You know, that your guitar playing is finally taken seriously by your family, when you get a premium tool kit like this from your son :heart:! I love the message behind: he trusts in me, his “old” mother, to use this tools at a point of my journey :hugs:.
It was a good point to prepare the family for further gear purchases…now the used market for guitars is a real option too… (I already hear an old Tele cry: “Andreeeaaaaa!” :joy:)

Lots of helpful tools, there even was a box with 2 picks, this one sounds as great as it looks on acoustic, but no clue about the manufacturer…

:blush: :innocent: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Andrea…Pleeease help me help me

:grimacing: :see_no_evil:

Have fun looking for and fixer upper :sunglasses: :partying_face:



A very nice acknowledgement, wonderful! :smiley:

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What a wonderful present Andrea. May you have many happy years fettling !

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You can do your own setups now with a luthiers kit like that :wink:. Congrats

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Wow! That’s a cool kit, Andrea! Everything looks premium quality, your son chose well! You’ll have a lot of fun tweaking your setups with those! :woman_mechanic: :smiley: :+1:

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Nice! What a thoughtful gift :smiley:

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Rogier, I needed some time to digest this sight :cry:! How can anyone treat a guitar like this? I get abdominal cramps, when I see this :flushed:. We should found an orginisation for mistreated guitars :joy:!

Maybe it’s fun for me, but not for the guitars… :rofl::


@franzek @TheMadman_tobyjenner @jkahn @nzmetal @Avalon426 @tony Thanks for your replies. Yes, it was a cool present I didn’t expect at all. I don’t know, what exactely my son thought, when he bought this. He only ever saw me changing strings on my guitars :rofl:, maybe he got the impression that I needed some professional help? No, jokes aside, he saw me preparing skis and sharpening ski edges for years, so maybe he thought, I could use my crafting skills on guitars too. He doesn’t know yet, that now he probably has to build or rebuild a guitar with me :blush:! I wished I had some more time on my hands to explore all the guitar related fields. One life is just too short for a guitar player :stuck_out_tongue:!


I will! Hope to be successful! :rofl:

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yes! for sure, you got that right :grin:

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I’ll post my account number down here :sunglasses:…this is MY first guitar :cry:.This is a photo from a few weeks ago and perhaps the moderator should add a warning because of the danger of mental damage to young and vulnerable readers…it’s even worse than you see here…it’s a guitar from the 1950s-èlite that my uncle gave me when I was about 15. …pretty fast lent to my neighbor at the back, where it suffered many dents and other damage, and later when it was in a bad place in our previous house… and when it ended up here took it down from the attic here after I started with Justin in a humid period … and in a few weeks the entire pickgard bent broke and the screws came out of the body …mold started to grow etc etc

Greetings :mending_heart: :grin:

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I’m aware of people having skeletons in their closets, but never expected you to have one in your attic! I assumed, you took a pic out of the web somewhere. ROGIER (!), this is even worse than I thought :astonished: :roll_eyes:!

Pleeease, tell me, this isn’t true :see_no_evil:. Still hoping it’s only a reissued model?
Never thought this could happen in Central Europe caused by weather conditions in our pretty moderate climate conditions.
Must have been a pretty beautiful instrument. And that colour :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:!

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Oooo Andrea :grimacing:

Everything I type is true, my uncle was the first owner and he lent him out and after I told him with red cheeks that I had lent him to my slum boy (whom he also knew very well) and got him back with many dents in the paint, he said “it’s okay Nikis, it’s yours now” … never played again for more than 10 hours or so, 75% + humidity in the house for a long time (weeks) and above it is worse than, and my wife only took it out to take it away to a guitar maker for a good makeover a few weeks ago…and then I saw this…it was downstairs for a while after is started to play …

I must have a photo of that somewhere, where the damage isn’t half as bad as it is now…I’ll have a look…

this was just February last year…I’m shocked by it myself… :cry: Bad Roger Bad Roger :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
For the mold warped Horror guitar


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Tell us more? :joy:

You live and learn… some do it the hard way… :see_no_evil:
I’ll let the guitars be guitars for the next hours…doing a little ski tour with Emma and enjoying the sun after those cloudy days around Christmas. :skier:

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:see_no_evil: …No idea what should be there…just a huge typo :upside_down_face:

Yep, that’s my way…

Because of you I started looking at my LL and now I’m very busy with that… and you go out in the snow in the sun :roll_eyes:… Oooooooo… me so so so so … :blush:

like to ride behind you on a sled…or sitting on a terrace looking out over mountains and valleys and people quietly skiing and playing in the snow …

It is granted to you :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
Have fun :smiley:

Thanks Rogier, I had fun yesterday! Not much snow these days… but I took some pictures I’ll add for you below.

This dream could come true, maybe not on a sleigh behind me, but one of our local ski instructors does skiing with handicapped persons professionally a lot and it’s always good to see, how happy people are, if they can enjoy skiing . So, if you plan a trip to the Alps… off you go :skier:
So, again, miles away from the initial thread, but I’m allowed to, as it’s my own :rofl:!

These two are for you!


Wow what a beautiful pictures :heart_eyes: :sunglasses:… and it will be a terrace for now… even a mobility scooter bumps too much for my back and the situation of my skeleton does not allow a risk like skiing… but you never know… but I can really enjoy the view from a terrace, and fortunately I am very quickly satisfied :sweat_smile:

Not much snow ???..You don’t know the Netherlands, do you? :joy: :rofl:

Thanks :sunglasses:

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