I'm Just a Poor Boy, Playing My Guitar - Oldhead49

First, thanks to @DavidP and @LBro for their pre-post listens and suggestions on this one.
Thanks to @redrhodie for a comment she made about the Ryman Auditorium way back in another era, when we all lived in a different place.

This is an original inspired by Lynn’s comment. I never was satisfied with the finished project, so decided to give it a complete overhaul. Disclaimer: I know nothing about writing or putting songs together, but the words just came to me. I know some of you will probably remember it, so don’t feel obligated to comment.


Everything about that was simply stellar, Dave. Thanks for sharing with your friends at JustinGuitar!!

I absolutely loved it!!! Bravo :clap: More please :blush:

Loved it, Dave. :+1:

Sounds fabulous, Dave, love it every time I give it a listen.

Glad to have helped a little, always a pleasure.

You are the coolest cat Dave OH. Such nimble fingered playing and that voice of yours, every time you hit the low notes ooooooooh. :clap:

Dang if you ain’t done it again Dave, magic!!!
‘Nuff said :+1::+1::+1:

Fantastic Dave. Country Rock n Roll at its best! So good. The singing, the guitar play, the production.
Well done.

Great play with words on the justinguitar line. Is that called a hook? Great song. I wished you would add your link from your earlier post. Just curious to hear it too. anyway, Well Done!!

Nice Dave,
Came out good and is good to hear you are still into producing fine productions! Hope 22’ is a good production year for you and that goes well.

Rock’n till the cows come home,

Nice one Dave. I really enjoyed that. It was a great bit of playing and singing.

@mari Thank you, Mari. It’s nice having so many supportive friends here.

[quote=“Heatherxx, post:3, topic:33915”]
absolutely loved it!!! Bravo :clap: More please

@Heatherxx Hi, Heather. Glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by.

@J.W.C Jason, I appreciate that feedback. Thanks.

@DavidP thanks, David, and thanks for the suggestions. Interestingly, it doesn’t sound the same coming from SC as what I’m hearing in buds, cans or car from the original file; sounds like the bass got lost a bit.

@batwoman Maggie, your feedback is always so over the top encouraging, it leaves me speechless. Thank you.

@DarrellW hi, Darrell. Well, three thumbs up from you says enough. Thanks so much.

@sairfingers Gordon, thanks for that feedback. I never really thought about this one being country rock, but I’ll sure take that. Just a fun little song.

@pkboo3 thank you, Pam. The JustinGuitar part was a change for the forum/community. Originally it was “I made a lot of friends just playing guitar” I think a hook is something that would come right at the beginning of a song to hook you in to listening to more. I stand to be corrected.
I’ll see if I can dig up the link to the original post for you.

@LBro hi, LB. kind of quiet there on the left Coast. I appreciate your pre-post on this and intro suggestion. Good catch. Thanks for the nice feedback too. Looking forward to one of your epic productions.

@SgtColon stefan, thanks for the kind feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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Dave, I’m not sure how SC deals with uploading and normalising loudness. Also there are any conversions made as part of the streaming process. All of that may have some influence on the sound quality. I just don’t know.

Hi Dave! Great job, as always I am delighted with the guitar playing and your vocals, my applause!


So good, Dave. There was some really smart guitar accompaniment going on in that.

@DavidP I read on their site that they do something to the upper and lower end of recordings; not sure exactly. I might have to move on from there. I’m running out of space, and $12.00 a month to upgrade is a little stiff, I think

@MikeSebastianP Nice to hear from you Mike. Thanks for the nice comments. Still a long way to go!

@Willsie01 John, thanks for stopping by and leaving that encouraging feedback. I think I overdo it some, but it’s just so much fun. :grinning:


That could explain it, Dave. I had run into space constraints and found myself deleting old recordings on SC before I opted to make videos rather than audio-only recordings and moved to YT.

Later I created a Google Account for music and uploaded all my audio recordings into a folder in that repository. I have a LL post with links to each recording plus a few notes and a general link to the folder as part of each LL episode.

You may not want to go the YT route, but perhaps the Google Drive or a similar cloud repository would be an appropriate solution. Particularly if you only use SC as a repository and are not interested in the followers, views, and likes game in SC.

I can’t convey enough how much I love everything about this song. The lyrics, your licks, the playing, and the vocals. All superb. Can I ask how you think about creating lead lines for this? I thought they were also good and varied. I’m struggling on keeping things from not being repetitive when trying to do lead.

Hi Dave,
It turned out to be a great song, creating a mood.
Both guitar and vocals are on top!

That was great Dave. A real humdinger as they say…had me bouncing all the way through lunch. Thanks for sharing.