I'm Not In Love, 10cc Acoustic 1975

“I’m Not In Love” is a song by British group 10cc, written by band members Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman in 1975. Written mostly by Stewart as a response to his wife’s declaration that he did not tell her often enough that he loved her.

The original recording is a super-complicated and technologically advanced production, and I did not know that when I recorded this classic.

Thank you for your time, and enjoy!!!


Nice rendition of a good song, a little different to the original. :rofl: I enjoyed listening to this, thank you.

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Rene, that was beautiful! I see you’re from Seattle, and it looks like you’re recording in a guitar store. Wondering if I could stop by and get some lessons, song ideas or other tips from you.

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Absolutely excellent cover, I don’t see any way this could have been improved upon!
Keep them coming bro’!

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That was just great! Thanks for sharing. I had forgotten that song existed. Now I want to learn to pick!

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Thanks Rene. A truly wonderful rendition, and a tune that brought back some fond childhood memories. :sunglasses:

All the best
Cheers Shane

Wow, that was so good Rene. Outstanding guitar play and vocal and what a terrific arrangement of this classic song. 10cc have an incredible back catalogue and this song is one of my favourites.
Your version could be recorded, released as a single and played on the radio.

An absolute classic sung and played beautifully. Rene, that was heavenly!
Thank you.


That inheritance of the kids is being spent wisely :wink:

The only 10CC song I know is Dreadlock Holiday with it’s classic cricket line, Rene.

As always you deliver a masterful performance, both playing and singing. Something for us developing the abilities to play and sing to aspire to.

I also like the little background about the song that you always include as intro.

I also enjoyed the Bee Gees cover that seems to be your most recent recording.

Hi Rene, I’m a bit speachless at the moment. That was extraordinary. Played and sung at a level I will most probably never reach (but that’s ok :blush:). Fantastic performance :star_struck:. Thanks so much for sharing :hugs: .

WOW René ! This is great. Once again. Remembers me my 16. I had this LP for this particular song. Your acoustic version is great ! Thanks for sharing.

Great tone and mix on your guitar. I enjoyed this very much and look forward to more. Vox is very good as well.

All the best and keep with the vibe!

Oddly, I’m in a bar in Katong at the moment, and as I was reading this, they were playing that exact song.

I’m going to catch up with the OP’s performance later, because it’s too noisy here.

But that is one of my favourite songs and, I really like 10CC (I had their album “Deceptive Bends” as a teenager) and I’ve seen the video on how the original song was made, back in the days of analogue tape and it was an amazing effort that would be fairly simple today with modern technology.

In my view, this is the ultimate break-up song.



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Excellent performance, Rene. Love the chord structure in this one, and the vox and mix are spot on.

Thank you so much, @Malz !
The original is quite a complex recording.
I am so glad that I did not know how complex 10ccx’s original is, or I might have not tried this plain acoustic recording.
You are so appreciated!

Hi @think2100 , Jay,
I frequent Seattle, and I am in Whidbey Island.
I am recording in my Music Room, my hang out space.
Where are you located?
Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback!!!
I am so humbled by your comments!
With love and respect,

I’m in the Redmond/Woodinville area. I get together with a couple of Justin students over here every now and then. We vary in experience, and I think you’re more advanced than we are, but you’re welcome to join us if you’re interested. We’ve been working on Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide recently.

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Glad to know that you guys are having a blast playing together.
And great to know a good neighbor!
Keep on playing great music!

Hi Rene,

Absolute classic - though I’ve never liked that “Big boys don’t cry” interlude.

Great vocal performance (touch of Bill Withers about it) - really compliments your excellent playing.

Loved it.


Rene how long you been playing ?That was great and very difficult song to play.