Imagine - John Lennon - sairfingers

I thought I’d have a go at John Lennon’s Imagine. It’s a piano tune of course so in a sense you can do what you like with it on guitar.

It’s a ‘one take first take’ again. I’m not sure I’m doing myself any favours with this approach as I know I can play it better. And I started coughing as I started. :joy: Anyway, here it is.


Gordon, that was great. One of my favorite songs and you did it justice. I thought your strumming and pic strum was accurate and good. This is a hard song to sing but you did well.

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@sairfingers classic Lennon tune and you played it confidently to say this was a one take effort. Really impressed with all of your recordings and very much look forward to hearing more :+1:t2:

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Nice start John. Bit more practice and it’ll be good. Definitely got better as it progressed. Keeping the rhythm is hard for this one. In terms of strumming I tend to find something more like pumping eights seems to work well so all down strums with some emphasis on every other beat.

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Nice job man :slight_smile: you got these chord changes pretty much. chords got out clear in-between chords melody line also was mostly in place. So keep practicing and you will progress for sure. This song is very hard vocally and rythmically so there always be something to improve. Your voice is very warm and soft sound so nice… but on the higher frequencies was breaking and collapsing. Try to develop your singing on easier songs. Take care! Good job!

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Just what I needed at the end of a loooong day, Gordon.

I thought you right handed looked pretty relaxed, flowing in the strumming. Perhaps tightening up a little to strum/pick the individual notes.

Admire the way you keep cranking out new songs and being able to sing them with easy on the hear phrasing.

No’ bad, indeed …

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No’bad? Much better than the lack of credit you give yourself.

Lovely fluid movement in your strumming arm strumming Gordon with a rhythmic dynamic that comes out of it. You have a voice I love to listen to, there’s some nice rasp and huskiness in places. More whisky? You know where you can and do play better so it’s not for me to note

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Nicely done Gordon !

Don’t put yourself down, yes a few areas to work on but not many. Chords were fluid as was the strumming and the vocals were as good as ever. I had to check the calendar and rest assured it is Wednesday, so I guess we can accept that as a one take :smiley:

I suggest a wee nippy sweetie within reach, if that cough comes back again before you start, medicinal of course.

Lovely song and well presented sir.




I enjoyed your version Gordan.

It was a good start to my day to watch your performance. Look forward to the next song.

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It makes me smile to see you plugging away and sharing what stage you’re at, Gordon.
It’s not the ‘flubs’ that count (esp. if you are aware of them)- it’s the little bits of progress.
In particular on this piece, I was impressed by the little picking runs thrown in, and agree with David, there were times I noticed how loose and ‘flowy’ your strumming hand was.
Those things will grow as the mistakes decrease.
I thought the vox was good. When you started, I wondered would you omit the high ‘Oh o-o-o-oh’ bits, but no, you got there :smiley:
I’m not sure whether you took the high or low road, but definitely the right one!


Well done! I remember I was really into this song as a kid. Very natural performance, the stage is yours.


Well done Gordon.

It’s such a wonderful song and you did a great job.

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@ChasetheDream @CYPGMB @Rossco01 @Zlybilly
Thanks so much for taking the time to listen and comment.

Jason. Yes, pumping 8’s as a strum pattern would work here although I tend to associate that style with more aggressive songs. I’m going to give it a go though.

Filip. The song does have quite a broad vocal range and you’re right, I was stretching my limits in parts. I tried a capo at various frets to try to lower the key a bit but it only worked when I got to about fret 6 and then the guitar started to sound too high.

@DavidP @batwoman @TheMadman_tobyjenner
As ever I appreciate your support and comments.

Prior to pressing record I had played the little melody note bit perfectly!
I should have tried to edit out the pre song cough and the post song muttering! However I’ve tried some editing in the past and ended up with only the bits I wanted to delete left. I had deleted all the rest and no longer had the original on my phone! So I thought it best to leave well alone.

When I make it big, someone will find this video and release it as ‘sairfingers - the bootleg tapes’. :smiley:


Enjoyed this, great job. I also thought you improved as you went on. Liked the vocal to.

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Always so good sairfingers - I enjoyed it and sang along with you… one of my favorite tunes.

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Hi Gordon as usual top notch form, really enjoyed it. I waited with the comment as I had one suggestion and needed to pick up my guitar to figure out exactly what I want to say :grinning:

This picking sequence that is repeated but plays at the start when you convert from F to C - I think it could sound a bit better if while playing an F chord you hit the A note on G string with your 2nd finger and rather than hammering on doing a slide to B note and then start C chord with hitting C note on B string. At least that is my opinion, didn’t stop me from enjoying your version :blush::+1: all the best.

If it doesn’t make sense what I just wrote let me know and I can try to record few seconds of what I meant.


That was very enjoyable Gordon. Nice playing and vocals.

I like that you leave the whole video intact, it somehow makes it more complete.

:rofl: :rofl:

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I really enjoyed your performance of this song, Gordon. I’m one who also liked that you included the whole video, it makes it feel like I’m sitting at a coffeehouse listening, there’s often a few random strums before the song starts, a cough or two. You always smile too, which tells me you’re a lot more comfortable on videos than I am! I thought your vocals were quite fine, I would have stayed at the coffeehouse waiting for more that’s for sure. You’ve got a really good vocal range too, comparing 4 Strong Winds to this one! Guitar was very enjoyable too. There’s probably several strumming patterns that would work, this one worked fine for my ears. The little run was not always perfect, as you know, but it really did add to the song. Very nicely played.


Gordon (@sairfingers) I’m a big beatles fan and truly enjoyed that wee rendition. I’m glad you did it in a "one take first take’ and didn’t edit the video. It came across as a very open and honest performance fitting of the song. I have actually been debating on learning a certain wee scottish song and after listening to your vocals on that performance I think that song would come across fantastic with your vocals. Let me know when you start taking requests mate :wink: hope your keeping well

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