Improv in E Major I-ii-IV-V

Hey Guys,

Following is a short improv over a I-ii-IV-V in E Major, utilising just the Major Pentatonic, with a couple of other bits in there as well. Eventually will try to add the 4th and 7th from the Major scale to add a bit more flavour, and try to utilise some of the pentatonic highways I’ve been investigating, but just trying to bed down the mapping for now, and make some music with it. Just done with a phone and amp today.
Appreciate any feedback, tips etc.

Cheers, Shane


Hi Shane,
Keep up leaening what you’re doing, you’re doing really well, you’re growing like a jekko… :sunglasses:,…No tips from me …
With Justin of course, ,great to learn that yourself, … follow all the bleus lessons .consolidate for a while and we / you can go into the grown up world :joy:

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Sounds pleasant to listen to and tasteful playing.

Hi Shane,

You are coming along in leaps and bounds. That was very well played and sounded great. I thought it tied in nicely with the picture in the background.

Nice stuff Shane, sounded really easy and relaxed, nice broad range with some lovely tweaks. I could have carried on listening to a double length version :slight_smile:

Sounded great Shane, a very laid back improv you cooked up to us here. Lovely little bends, slides and all sorts of magic happening, well done!

Sounded ace Shane, really well done.

Sounded good, nice and laid back, could have listened to more.

Good stuff Shane, some really great progress there. Up and down the neck too! Well done.

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Thanks guys. Sorry for putting you all in the one post, but I do appreciate every single one of you for taking the time to listen, and providing some feedback. :+1:Good to know it sounded alright.

Cheers Shane

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Arghhhh… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
you lazy…,…,…,…,…,.,.,.,… :joy:
Much better this way. I should do that more often. That keeps it a bit clearer… you don’t have to thank everyone in a personal post, always :+1:

Yeah thanks Roger. Getting late here, so thought brevity was the way to go. I assume you meant a gekko? Is that a good thing Roger?:crazy_face:

Off to bed then you… brevity could curb the crowds on the forum a bit… so if possible I try to do it like this… and no, I understand you there in the outback thinking about those kind of beasts all the time ,but i really mean jekko… i just looked it up and it’s a “town district” thing…not even where i live :grimacing: :woozy_face:…it means …Hard/ very good hard/fast etc, all good things in this context :sweat_smile:
Sweet dreams :dolphin: :flamingo: :guitar: :microphone:

I’ve been waiting all day to have the opportunity to take a look and listen, Shane, finally! I was not disappointed.

For the most part sounded pretty good to me. A couple of moments in the opening portion just as you moved to the thinner strings where I thought either the notes were off scale or maybe clashed with the underlying chord when you hit the note … just once or twice.

Loved the slides, little curls, and the way you structured your phrases to ascend and descend. Extra bonus points for the ascending and descending runs using repeating intervals.

Both BT and lead sounded good tone wise.

Lots to like and be pleased about.

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Sounds so good Shane! It’s so encouraging to me to hear you play and know that you are continuing to get better; keeps me motivated! Really well done. Like someone else, I could have listened to you playing for a whole lot longer! :slight_smile:

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Cleverness, concentration and lots of very nice sounds here Shane.

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Thanks Maggie for your kind words.

Cheers, Shane

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Thanks Shari for the positive feedback. I think we all get better over time if we hang around Justin and this great community.

Cheers, Shane


That was so chilled and on point its set my mood for the day. You have obviously been working hard again and there are some really nice phrases and motifs in this piece. The tone also helps as it was perfect for the laid back BT. Good choice. I also sense a softer touch and attack in this one ? Or maybe you just backed the tone and volume down to achieve that. Really nice.

Actually throws me a dilemma ! After commenting on the tracks Richard added to David’s latest Blues post. The E Mixolydian BT I planned using for another lick link exercise, is actually crying out for something like this, so I might just explore that as well.
So thanks for the inspiration !



YES Shane! That was great. Very laid back and smooth.

Watching you play you look sooooo relaxed like you have been playing for years.