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Aged 74, Meatloaf has passed.

Someone I know some time back became quite vociferous in a discussion on best albums of all time.
He was adamant that Bat Out Of Hell was the best album ever made, no doubt, no questions asked.
I didn’t agree - but it is a mighty good listen with some classic songs.

RIP big man.


That brings back a lot of school parties today… :relaxed: :sunglasses:

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Huge loss; especially for those who really enjoyed his music and “theatrical “ performances. I wasn’t a big fan but my wife was, that said I do appreciate his contributions to the Rock genre.
RIP Michael Lee Aday aka Meatloaf!

Bat Out of Hell was one of those albums that was played to death when it first came out - excellent stuff.
I got to see them once at the Monsters of Rock festival, and weren’t just good, but very entertaining.
A sad loss.

Paradise by the Dashboard Light
'nuff said :smiley:

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An album for the times. A bit of a one (album) hit wonder, but what a great album.

Ahhhhh, this is very sad news. I played that album so much when I was younger and still enjoy a listen these days. He was a tremendous artist.

I was never a ‘fan’ due to I would do anything for love getting played and played and played

However i did remember my dad having the Bat out of Hell album when I was younger but never really appreciating it.

My missus took me to see him at the O2 about 10 years ago and it was fantastic, great show he put on
Bat Out of Hell is a brilliant album. Paradise on the Dashboard Light being a favourite now amongst our friends to put on youtube on a drunken evening and singalong to. Dead Ringer For Love too

Burke Shelley, bassist and singer in Budgie
Underestimated artist and underestimated band. R.I.P
(Of course that goes for Meatloaf too. He was a decent actor as well ass musician/singer!)

Sad loss and inspiration for many, although I never really got into his music. My loss maybe ? RIP :cry:

Budgie: BUDGIE - BREADFAN - YouTube


There’s a host of Budgie vids and even full albums on YouTube, i revisited some of them yesterday.
Brilliant stuff!

Haven’t heard this music in a long time, heard a lot, but never had a whole LP or CD of it…good to listen again…there is also so much good music made…it is not possible to keep up with everything.

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Norma Waterson

Norma Waterson RIP

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A sad sad day.
RIP to one of Britain’s finest ever singers.
What a legacy she leaves behind, a treasure trove of wonderful music.
This is a fitting share. Stars in My Crown - YouTube

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Vale Glenn Wheatley, ( 23.1.1948- 01.02.2022)
Australian music icon, originally the bass player for The Masters Apprentices in the late 60’s, he went on to become a highly successful and influential manager of artists like the Little River Band and John Farnham. A prominent and legendary figure in the Australian music scene for the last 40 years. Will be sadly missed.

Don Wilson, rhythm guitarist and co-founder of The Ventures passed away last week. He was 88

Amerikaanse funkzangeres Betty Davis (77)

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