In 2022 we mourn the death and celebrate the life of

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Musician Ian McDonald, a founding member of the bands King Crimson and Foreigner, has died at the age of 75

Beeb Announcement - Betty Davis: ‘Godmother of Funk’ dies aged 77

Mark Lanegan, The Screaming Trees/ Queens of the Stoneage died yesterday in Ireland, age 57.

That’s way too young. :cry:

Gary Brooker

Sad so much too soon…
But this music with this video is brilliant!

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Thank you for the music…

My favourites are dropping like flies-
(Did I miss the announcement for the end of days?_
Dallas Good from the Sadies who backed and toured with Neko Case.
Up there with Canada’s finest

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Nothing to do with music …

Two days and two Australian greats have departed.
RIP Rodney Marsh.
RIP Shane Warne.


RIP Mark Lanegan :cry:
What a great musician he was. One of the absolute best.

Emilio Delgado presenter and musician in Sesame Street died aged 81, after a 2 year struggle with blood cancer!
He was a great guy for kids entertainment!
RIP Lui 🥲

Just found out Barry Bailey lead guitarist of Atlanta Rhythm Section passed away yesterday
One of my favorite Easy Listening Bands back in the day.

Sad loss, can’t beat a bit of ARS.

Taylor Hawkins, Foofighters drummer, at the young age of 50. I’m devastated.


Shoot that was not expected, didn’t they have some gigs lined up soon ? Jeez 50 !!

Thay are on tour, found an hour before taking stage at a festival

Tragic… :pensive:


Man I am so gutted. A man in his prime, the life and soul of the band along with Dave of course. Full of life, full of energy and enthusiasm for music.

R.I.P. Taylor

Remember this small bunch of people gathering to tell you how much your music meant to them?