In 2022 we mourn the death and celebrate the life of

Jim Seals of Seals and Crofts with the hit songs “Summer Breeze” and “Diamond Girl” passed away last month at age 80.
Some of the older timers here will recognize these songs among others they produced. A fun song to learn and play which I’ve been working on lately.


Who are you calling an old timer :smirk::wink:

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Ha !
I purposely said older timer so as not to offend any of the old timers here. I only became whats known as a senior citizen this year so have a ways to go still before the old timer designation sets in. I think Jim Seals could have been considered an old timer though given that most musicians never reach the ripe age of 80.
Rock on !

It’s okay with me if you want to insult the elderly here :face_with_peeking_eye:…I’m not going to say anything about that :speak_no_evil: :innocent:…but I also knew this number and I’m only 48 :joy:
Sorry for the bad joke…Its the heat ...its the heat :roll_eyes:

Yeah I understand. Hate the heat too.
Don’t mind the snow and cold , sitting next to the woodstove of course.

Bernard Cribbins, while mostly known as an actor, he had three Top 40 singles in 1962, including this one, chosen by Noël Coward as one of his Desert Island Discs:

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Brilliant comedian and comic genius and one of the Goons.
Another classic was Right Said Fred. :cry:


Vale Archie Roach, (1956-2022) an Australian Aboriginal musician who sadly passed away yesterday, after a long illness. He shared his love of music and his culture both here in Australia, and around the globe. Died way too young and will be sadly missed.

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One for us oldies :cry:

Australian musician Judith Durham, best known as the lead singer of folk music group The Seekers, has died aged 79


Yeah mate. A very sad loss of an Australian icon, and a national treasure.

An exceptional artist, had the good fortune to see him perform early 2020.

A very, very sad loss today of an absolute Aussie icon, Olivia Newton- John. A super talented singer, actor and entertainer, and a champion human being. She was always our Aussie princess, and her loss will be felt deeply by every Australian today, along with her many admirers around the world.


Usually just read without reply here but this touches me more as in my youngs days, 9-14, we often used to listen to The Seekers, being a favourite of my parents. I knew Blowing in the Wind and California Dreaming from their records before I knew who Dylan and the Mamas and the Papas were. And still have a compilation of their’s on my iPod for an ocassional play in the car.