In 2024 we mourn the death & celebrate the life of

Mods if one slipped through the net please merge but I think this is the first for 2024.

Probably not a lot of interest outside of the UK but a stalwart for rock music for decades. Great enthusiastic and passionate presenter. RIP Annie. :cry:


She was a radio presenter for all my adult life. RIP Annie.

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I read an article on her in an Irish newspaper this morning and it contained a quote where she said “she had been mugged in Cuba, drugged in Baghdad and bugged in Russia”. A life well lived!

Remember her well :thinking:

American singer-songwriter Melanie has died at the age of 76

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Some of the ‘puppies’ might recognise her more from this :wink:

Ah, that’s sad. I loved her cover of Ruby Tuesday.

She has a great appearance so so sweet …and your Alan video shows that very well… and Ooo Brian your video detracts from those images as far as I’m concerned :see_no_evil:… if that’s what the “the Puppies” like or know of her then. … Oh :hear_no_evil:

Yes I know…me no puppy anymore :roll_eyes:

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Another golden voice … with some earthy rasp in it.

Mrs C and I were listening to a Melanie compilation just the other day. I bought her a new stereo system for Christmas. Remember those? Not a tinny tablet speaker or miniscule Alexa type thing, but a true proper stereo with separate speakers connected by cables no less.
I compiled a large colelction of albums to mp3 and transferred to her SD card. Melanie was among the first played.

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A meesage that endures from a wonderful singer and fine guitarist.

The vinyl purists are freaking out… :rofl:

Yeah … no turntable … and I sold all my vinyl about 1 years ago.
Some gems I shall never recover as they’re rarities and no longer available.

:grin: nice :sunglasses:

I recently (6 years(?) )bought some old-fashioned new stuff…large (too large :roll_eyes:) speakers, separate amplifier, DVD/CD player … and no turntable too

Have a nice listening time and memories…

Yes, and powerful. She was a bit like Linda Ronstadt in that she could move up a gear and really blast out (but of course no-one was as good as Linda). One more video of one her best known songs.

Toby Keith died today from cancer. Some say he was a country icon. Love him or hate him he did put out some good songs.


I was trying to remember how I had heard about Toby Keith.

It was from the feud with the Dixie Chicks and the famous FUTK t-shirt (of course this was Friends United in Truth and Kindness) :grinning:

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Didn’t see that coming. RIP Wrightie !

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It was a shocker for sure, Toby. He was only on the wireless this weekend just gone.

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