In 2024 we mourn the death & celebrate the life of

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RIP Brit. Been a Blackberry Smoke fan for years 57 is way to young.

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The Raspberries were power pop much more than rock, and I didn’t listen to them until he started his solo career, but I was definitely a bit obsessed with his first 2 solo albums when I was a kid. Only 74. RIP.

Karl Wallinger.




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RIP Steve Harley the Cockney Rebel who died yesterday I remember listening to his songs in the 70`s Judy Teen, Mr Soft and of course the great make me smile must re learn that one and add it to my ever increasing playlist.

Hi John,
There is a place for that where we celebrate the lives and remember deceased musicians @Richard_close2u will add this post there …he’s already busy cleaning up…good luck :wink:

We should call it Death-Watch :wink:

I see the good Lord said; “Come up and see me!”
(I’ll get my coat… :roll_eyes:)


and today I also remember the teachers who had to teach you (ahum ,that is not the first time I now think that I have said something like that :thinking: …SO
not so easy this time

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Aaahh… the lenten dispensation from the abstinence of St. Patrick’s Day for us Irish has passed, and I welcome the return of the hairshirt and self-flagellation :wink:

The Stampeders hailed from my home town, Calgary Alberta Canada, and they were one of my favs thru my formative years. Son many great memories from their songs, too many to list.
RIP Ronnie King, a bass player :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


RIP Ronnie. Used to party with Ronnie back in the 80’s when he played at the Live Wire as the Ronnie King band. He always had some great stories about the Stampeders.


Ultravox singer Chris Cross dies aged 71