In 2024 we mourn the death & celebrate the life of

Not much traction or interest here. Carry on.


My husband and I watched a couple of Rockplast concerts of Great Southern last night on YouTube, one from '78 the other from '08. Pretty darn good.

Mike Pinder, last of the moody blues…

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End of another era.

Not from guitar players. I could go on and on about Dicky Betts --Maybe I will. As we celebrate the passing of the Tamborine player from the Flaming Terdz in the same thread, I expect to come back (if allowed) and talk more about Dickey Betts.

For starters take the idea that he was a Southern Rock guitar player off of the table. He was the kind of player that can’t be put in a little box. Blues, Country and Rock were all in his wheelhouse.

Before there was the concept of a designated driver there was:

The build up in that song is off the hook!

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I have to agree with Clint on this. I think people forget Duane died in a motorcycle accident in 1971 and only played on 3 studio albums (one after he had already pasted away) and the Allman Brothers put out almost 20 albums over the years. The last in early 2000’s.
Not only was Dickey a great guitarist he also was a great song writter, songs like Ramblin’ Man, Blue Sky, Jessica and others.


A nice quote about Dickey Betts from Jeff McErlain (on TrueFire):
“His sound is so distinctive that the guitar community is on a first name basis with his style, “I want a Dickey thing here”. When I hear that phrase on a session or gig, I know exactly what the artist wants, that bluesy yet happy mixolydian - major pentatonic sound so well known in tunes like “Jessica” and “Blue Sky”. In a word, Dickey.”

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Nice nudge Clint. Jeff is a good tutor and great blues rock teacher. Workin through some of his TF courses at the moment. :sunglasses:

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Richard Tandy from ELO now too:

David Sanborn

David Sanborn David Sanborn - Google Search

This was a very big one and the list goes on and on with so many great artists he played, so often I didn’t know who played those beautiful solos in the music I listened to so often … sorry

Vake Frank Ifield. An old Aussie country music icon. I remember my parents playing some of his music when I was a very young boy.

Never knew he was an Aussie. Like you someone my parents would play in the early 60s. RIP