In Italian ! My video after Beginner 1 - Mod 2


I hope you guys can give me some comments how to improve. It has been only 10 days in the course but I would love to hear comments !

Well done @GG22
Making good progress with the chord changes and it’s great to see you using the anchor finger as recommended by your teacher (Justin).
Keep practicing and those changes will become even quicker and smoother but this is a great start!

Hello and welcome!

Why not stop over and introduce yourself to the Community here:

If you have specific questions you can post them to the topics of relevant lessons. If you’d like feedback on your playing it would probably be better to post shorter videos without so much commentary.

Thanks for joining us and good luck on your journey! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I do not have specific questions, I just wanted to add something to the community that people can watch to see what a 10 day in the course look like and have a laugh at the same time.

Thanks @CYPGMB ! Comments like yours keep me motivated !

Welcome Geert!

Making a good start there mate!

Getting some chords under you fingers, making the changes, playin along with app. Well done. All looking pretty good at the moment.
Just keep going like that mate, and you’ll be crackin out a tune in no time.
If you need any help, and we all do, just ask away. Great community here willing to help others along the way.
Lookin forward to see how you progress.

Cheers, Shane.

Welcome Geert :smiley:
What happened to the back of your guitar?

Thanks Shane, it is nice to hear that I am not doing that bad. As I practice by myself I never have a good feeling if I am doing well or not. So very motivating, thanks !

Thanks @batwoman !
This is the guitar of my youngest son that he always used in school. One day he found it like this in school. I got the idea to start with guitar 2 weeks ago and I thought I just give it a go on this one. I am actually liking it and my birthday is soon and I want to buy an electric guitar now. Justin says in his videos that it will be easier to learn on. I am looking at a Fender Player Stratocaster but I have not decided yet. It needs to be something nice so I will look forward to use it all the time. What do you think would be a good guitar ?

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@GG22 thanks for the explanation. What a mean thing to do to a kid’s guitar.

Very hard question to answer. To start with I’d suggest you post your question in This guitar thread There will be lots of people who play Fender Strats, so they may be able to help you. It will help people make suggestions if you give the following info:

Your budget
The style of guitar you want - solid body, hollow body etc
Scale length you prefer. Strat is 25.5
What kind of music you want to play.

There are other things I can’t think of right now, but this is a start. You’ll also need and amp.

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Welcome to the Community, Geert. Good to see you posting recordings to get feedback so early in the journey.

Good to see you obviously following Justin’s lessons and also starting to play songs with the app (I assume) early.

From a comments to help improvement, I shall limit that to just one thing, which I think is one of the most important things that Justin emphasises on a regular basis:

“Keep the strumming hand moving”

What I noticed in your play along with Three Little Birds was this pattern “Strum the chord, strum beats missing the strings, pause, strum the chord”. The thing you want to eliminate is that “pause”.

I’d suggest slowing the tempo so you can maintain a steady up and down motion of the right hand, able to hit the strings on beat 1 of each bar without the pause.

Without becoming a nag, you want to eliminate that pause right now as you learn your first song, before it becomes a bad habit that is difficult to correct. As Justin also says:

“Practice makes permanent”

So work at practicing the consistent strumming now and it will serve you well.

With regard to your video, I am sure those who understand Italian, either here or in your own circle of family and friends, will have enjoyed it. I just skipped over some of the chat to focus on the playing. I sense maybe your son helped with the video production, perhaps adding some chapter points in the video description so those who don’t follow the chat can jump straight to the playing would be a helpful improvement in future videos.

Keep at your practice and look forward to your next progress update video, to see that steady strumming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks @DavidP. I will work more on the strumming this week trying to eliminate the pauses. I find this part more difficult than learning the chords so I will put more time in it and slow down the songs on the app.
In a few weeks I will ask my son to make another video and also add the chapter points.
Thanks again for your comments, really helpful !

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Hello Geert and welcome to the community.
You have already received some good encouragement and advice on your playing.
You are doing fine for such a short time learning - keep going, keep learning and improving.

You ask about which new guitar? I suggest you begin a new topic in the section @batwoman linked to keep this one tidy.

Speaking of which, I have tidied this topic by removing the many comments that were not about you learning and playing guitar.

If you would like to develop a series of these videos that record your learning progress over time, I suggest a much better place to do so is in the Learning Log section - Learning Logs - JustinGuitar Community
I believe it would be more appropriate to move this topic there with a new title if that is your intention.

Cheers :blush:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide & Moderator


Welcome Geert. I look forward to following your progress. Good luck!

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Welcome, Geert. You’re doing great, keep it up. In my opinion, one of the most beneficial things a beginner can focus on is keeping good time. I’d encourage you to practice with a metronome or drum beat, and keep playing with songs and backing tracks (as you do in this video). Develop the ability to tap your foot to the beat as you play, and also keep your strumming hand moving to beat even when you aren’t playing.

With good rhythm and timing even the simplest things will sound good and musical. So strive for that right out of the gate.

Ah, I wondered about that. You’re playing a nylon string “classical” guitar. It’s unusual (but certainly not unheard of) to see those played with a pick and strum approach, so it caught my attention.

That’s probably true, although since you’re on a nylon string guitar instead of a steel string acoustic guitar you’re probably not experiencing the same kind of finger pain and hand fatigue issues that beginners on steel string acoustic often run into.

The electric will feel quite different. It will probably have a narrower fingerboard with less space between the strings, and almost certainly a lower action (the height of the strings from the frets and fingerboard) and different scale length. Those aren’t anything to worry about: you’ll adapt quickly, in my experience.

Hard to go wrong with a Fender Strat. Fender Telecasters are also good choices. What kind of music most interests and inspires you? That is, what kind of music do you want to play? Keep in mind you’ll eventually need an amplifier, too.

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Thanks @Richard_close2u for cleaning up this topic and remove these unrelated comments. I will not make a lot of these videos but once in a while I post one of me playing a song to get feedback from the community.

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Thanks for all the advice @J.W.C ! I will try with the metronome as I did not do that yet and work more on the keep the strumming hand moving.
I like pretty much all music, from ACDC to Beatles to Eric Clapton. To start I think I buy a VOX Amplug so I can practice with a headphone and can than look at a nice amp later.
You are also right with the nylon strings, I have not a lot of finger pain and just a bit of hand fatigue so I got lucky with this guitar :wink:

You’re welcome.
I don’t mind doing the domestic chores and keeping things neat and tidy!
Odd songs here and there for feedback is okay here in AVOYP.
If they become a progress diary - no matter how infrequent (say every few months) then building up a collection in your own Learning Log makes more sense.

There are many better products nowadays - but again that is best discussed in a new different thread in the gear section.