Interactive Quiz Missing

I just finished Music Theory Grade 1, and when I click to take the Grade 1 test, It brings me to a broken link page, which reads " 404 ## Oops! We can’t find the page you’re looking for".

Is there still a Grade 1 test for Music Theory Grade 1? Thanks.

Hello @Guest1 and welcome to the community.
I see the quiz on my laptop here:

Do you not?

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@Richard_close2u I just checked your link and it takes me to the page to buy the course.
Check the test link on the last page of grade 1 and get the same broken link.
I’m using a Samsung tablet.
Checked my laptop Windows 10 get the same broken link page.

Laptop with windows 10 update to 11 here and no problem…
Checked with phone a samsung very old…no problem either.

I don’t have the “Music Theory Course Grade 1 Quiz” showing at the bottom of the lesson list on the “Your Open Sting Note Mnemonics” page, that you show above. Just not there. Hmm, interesting.

Thanks for the suggestions and help thus far. I’ll get to the bottom of it, I’m sure.

are you on this page? if so, click on one of the lessons and the full course will open

I don’t, not with the link you supplied there.


This is the issue I mentioned …

that link works for me……are u logged in?

@LesPaulMoreRay yes I’m logged in and this what I get on my tablet, my laptop and my computer at work. Both laptop and computer are running windows 10.

This is the address the link sends me to if that helps at all

Hello there!

This link is for the old exam, so it no longer works. We’re replacing them with new workbooks; you can find the Grade 1 workbook here.

For the interactive quiz, go to the module’s page; the direct link is here.

The classic exam is now here:

@larynejg The link you posted to the module’s page doesn’t have the the quiz link on it when I click it. The direct link take me to the sign up page. I give up you guys can figure this out.
I finished the theory course over a year ago so I’m done trying to help.

We appreciate your help a lot! However, we cannot reproduce the issue, so we need more details or cases to try and investigate this better.

What happens when you log in via the link I shared?

Slightly off subject what does the 85 next to the quiz link represent?

I’ve cleared my cookies and cache refreshed my browser. When I click you link to the Module’s Page I get this. There is no Quiz button the last thing is Your Open String Note Mnemonies.

When I click on the direct link it takes me here. And by the way The Grade 2 work book page doesn’t have a resources button to down load the Book.

PMT Workbook - Grade 1

The Note Circle04:38

Tones And Semitones02:25

Sharps And Flats04:05

Note Circle: Memorise By Writing02:19

Note Circle: Memorise Verbally06:35

Note Circle: With A Jam Buddy01:34

Open String Note Names03:40

Your Open String Note Mnemonics

Music Theory Course - Grade 1 Quiz

No idea if I’m helping…but when I click on your link, it shows this above on the right, and everything works…

My score! :sweat_smile:

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