Intro Hello from Todd in Florida - Old Dog trying to learn a new trick!

Thank you for the reply and encouragement, I did purchase the Song and Lessons and the Tab App too - I am going to stick with it! All the best -


Glad to hear it. It will really start to pay off when you learn a few more chords - C and G especially.

Fair warning - don’t be surprised if your frustration level skyrockets when you start with the C chord! But if you do Justin’s exercises regularly, it will get better.

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Welcome, Todd!

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Hello Todd… Welcome to the community. I think once ya get past that first little hump and your getting something to sound good is a major boost. It kinda gives ya the feeling of “I can do this” and makes ya wanna learn more and practice more.

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Welcome. Hope you find this course as effective as I have, there may be a bump or two in the road, around maybe C or F chords, but stick with it, take advice offered on forum and most of all enjoy playing.

I also started out later on, aged 62, now after around 16 months with some time out due to illness, am on module 12 playing power chords and currently making a decent go at"Come as you are" ( 100% sped) and “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath at 80% speed as you can slow songs to play in the app.

This course works, the lessons seem clear and well designed as a course to follow and as above I would recommend the lesson and songs app for the songs. I think the internet lessons with the practice assistant work very well, the app does not have the practice assistant.

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Hello Todd, welcome to the community.
There are many older folk making their first steps with Justin.

Hello Todd, and welcome to the community :hugs:.
The beginning is a bit hard, and the fingertips are sore. But soon, you will see some progress. Keep in mind that this is completely new stuff to do for your fingers. They slowly have to learn what you want them to do. Remain patient, it will definitely pay off :slightly_smiling_face:.

I wish you a wonderful guitar journey and don’t forget to have fun :smiley:.

Hey Todd, welcome to the community. After dreaming about learning the guitar for many years, at the age of 53 I started learning. It was real hard at first, I just wanted to play 15 minutes a day but my fingers hurt so bad after only 5 minutes I had to break it up into 5 minutes at a time 3 times a day. I focused on the one minute chord changes with just A E and D and fingered A the way Justin taught with the same anchor finger for those 3 chords really helping out.

Now, well over 10 years later I realize sticking with it was one of the best I ever did. What seemed impossible in those early days now just flows smoothly. Don’t despair, we all struggled at the start. It really does get easier and is so within your grasp.

Look forward to hearing more from you.

Keep it up. You’ll get there with frequent practice. I’ve been playing for three years and remember when I felt the “big G” was impossible. My fingers have stretched and that’s an easy one now. The chords over four frets are my challenge now. I’m nearly 59 and never played before 2020. Joining Justin’s course has been great and stable source of education. Get his app too. Great play along songs there.

I began when I was 67. I’m nearing 74 now and still plugging away at it. I just keep my expectations realistic, and just play for my own enjoyment. It’ll come, I promise you.


HI Todd and welcome!
I’m sorry to hear about your dad :pray:
As you can see, there are several people here who started playing guitar later in life. I’m mixed, I started playing guitar when I was about 10 and then gave it up for decades and restarted again in earnest in my 50s. I tried other lessons, in-person and on-line, and found that JG and this community is the best! Although I know the basic chords and strumming/picking I started at the beginning a few months ago and have see improvements in my playing already. It’s a holistic teaching approach. It’s slow going for me, and I’m still in Beginner Grade 1, but I’m having fun learning.

Welcome to the community Todd. Keep up the practice and you’ll soon see the frustrating moments give way to the absolute pleasure of making music. You just have to persevere.

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Hey Todd,

Welcome mate, from the land of OZ.

Lots of old dogs here mate learning plenty of guitar tricks. So, it is being done here mate, and done often.:nerd_face:

If you’re serious, give yourself 12 months committment , stick close to Justins lessons, and this great community. One, you’ll have alot of fun with this lot here, and two, you may be very surprised at where you’re at after that 12 months.

All the best.

Cheers, Shane

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Hi Todd and welcome :wave: I’ll echo what some members have already said, give it a little time and some practice and soon what you think is impossible will become the norm. Lots of wonderful people here to help you on your way too, have fun :v:

Hi Todd,
Welcome and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

Hello and welcome to our community Todd. :slight_smile:

I think you’ll find there is a lot of people on here that started late in life and wishing it had been earlier in their life, me being one of them. We’ve all been in your position as well but I can assure you, stick with the course, put the work in and you will see results.

Welcome Todd. Everything is a struggle to begin with but it gets easier.

I feel the same Todd. I’m 57 and recently decided to try to learn. I’m still on beginner course and I’m learning the C chord. My big problem area is the strumming. It just sounds rubbish when I try anything other than down strums. That said, when I think back to the very first weeks, I have definitely improved a bit. Just take the small victories when you get them and it will all start to improve over time.

I’m glad you said that as that’s where I am at the moment and it is frustrating.

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Hi Todd!
I’m 60 and though the guitar is not totally new to me, I hadn’t picked one up in years. During the latency, I developed some arthritis in my hands and I don’t memorize songs as well as I once did, but after committing to learn, sticking with a routine, taking my time, and trusting the Justin process, I have arrived at a much less frustrating place. A place where I can lose myself in the music. You’ll get there too. :purple_heart: