Intro - Hi, I'm Jason from Chandler, Arizona

I’m just about finished with beginner grade 2 (on module 14) and am looking for a jamming partner. I have had a guitar for years, but only learned a few riffs or pieces of a song and never how to play the guitar, only specific parts of a song. I finally am taking this more seriously at 51 years old and am loving this coarse so far. Anyway, if someone is in the general PHX area and would like to jam and learn together, let me know! thanks


Welcome to the Forum Jason

Thanks, Stitch

Welcome Jason! I hope you find a jam buddy in short order! Sadly, I’m not near PHX or I’d join you.

Welcome to the community, Jason!

Hi Jason, and a warm welcome to the community :hugs:. I wish you lots of fun along your guitar journey :guitar::star_struck:.

Hi Jason,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:
You are now in the right place to make it a success and keep it going :smiley:

Welcome Jason! I’m a bit far away to jam :wink:
Hope you’re having much fun learning!

Thank you Judi! Glad to be here!

Thank you, Helen

Much appreciated, Nicole

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Thank you, Roger!

Hey whats up Jason. I too am named Jason. Crazy.

I am in Far NW Tucson Oro Valley actually. Looks like we are at similar level also. That would be cool to jam togeather. I do try and come up to Phoenix a few times a month. Scottsdale where I have some family and sometimes I am over near Luke AFB, where I have a buddy who is a drummer. I actually did a Jam session with him a couple of weeks ago i played guitar and sang and he played drums haha. I would be totally down to hook up and play next time I am up. I have a real hard and crazy schedule. I work in medicine and its tough to set up things. Thats the only issue with me unfortunatly but Im sure we could figure something out this summer when its 120.

You will probobly do good finding a regular partner who is close by but I can be a drop in guitar bro, cause that would be rad.

Hi Jason, thanks for the reply! That sounds great even if it’s later this summer. Let me know next time you are up around PHX and have some free time, and i’d love to get together to jam. Again, I am still very much a beginner but do have the fundamentals up to grade 2, Hopefully i will be a bit further along my course by the team we can meet up. Anyway, I am in IT and work remotely so my schedule is fairly flexible. :metal:
Have a great weekend!

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Did you see this post : Anyone in the Phoenix AZ area?

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Fantastic, this would be the first time finding someone who actually wants to play guitar togeather. Playing with with my drummer buddy was a real big step for me. It was a big boost, I am really glad I did it.

Anyway my equipment sucks and I am not that good and but we can figure it out togeather and have some fun. It looks like I amonly a year or so older than you, we are both Gen X so probobly down with the same tunes.

Things open up a lot for me mid-may.

I messaged you

Same here. I was never at a point with my progress that I felt confident enough to even try. But now I can’t wait to jam with someone. That’s great that we are about the same age so I am guessing we do have some genres in common! Texting you now so that you have my number as well. Thanks again for responding!

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Welcome Jason,
Hope you find a jam buddy - making music with other people is the best!

Hi Jason and welcome :+1:

Hi Jason, welcome to the community forum.

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